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Minimum Quantity: 75
Cotton Candy (BA801) • Crystal Green (BA807) •
Dark Dusty Rose (BA886) • Dark Olive (BA868) •
Dark Peek-A-Blue (BA808) • Dark Ruby (BA872) •
Dark Strawberry (BA887) •
Denim Chambrey (BA822) •
Frost Blue (BA840) • Fruit Punch (BA819) •
Light Purple (BA855) • Medium Blue (BA825) •
Medium Olive (BA869) • Navy (BA830) •
Neon Green (BA834) • Peek-A-Blue (BA809) •
Pink (BA875) • Purple (BA852) •
Purple Sky (BA806) • Rose (BA884) •
Teal (BA831) • Wheat (BA842)  
*While Supplies Last or thru July 31, 2019!
Cotton Candy (BA801) • Crystal Green (BA807) • Dark Dusty Rose (BA886) • Dark Olive (BA868) • Dark Peek-A-Blue (BA808) • Dark Ruby (BA872) • Dark Strawberry (BA887) • Denim Chambrey (BA822) • Frost Blue (BA840) • Fruit Punch (BA819) • Light Purple (BA855)
Six Hot Markets That You Should Sell Bandannas To:
It's smooth sailing when you sell bandanas to these select markets! These insights and proven product Ideas are sure to raise profit margins and repeat sales with is beloved spirit product.
Travel example
The Travel Sector:
  • Airlines
  • Cruise / Party Boats
  • Hotels /Hospitality Suites
  • Travel Agencies
Sports example
The Sports Fanatic Sector:
  • Colleges
  • Stadiums
  • Professional Teams
  • Concession Stands
Outdoor example
The Outdoor / Wildlife Sector:
  • Trail Shops
  • Hiking Clubs
  • Sporting Goods Stores
  • Parks Services
Beverage example
The Beverage Sector:
  • Bars
  • Breweries
  • Soda Brands
  • Bottled Water
Pet example
The Pet Sector:
  • Pet Shops
  • Veterinary Care
  • Grooming Services
  • Walkers
Medical example
The Medical Sector:
  • Medical Practices
  • Support Groups
  • Charity Causes
  • Non-Profits
The Travel Sector:
Make bandannas your ultimate travel accessory!
Set your sights on airlines, travel agencies, cruise liners, concierge services... Globally, travel and tourism grew 3.9 percent to contribute $8.8 trillion to the world economy according to the WTTC report in 2018.
A great place to start is suggesting a bandanna with local information, such as historic locations, national wonders, city details, hot-spots... These make unique souvenirs. They also make an undeniably fun itinerary for party boats and tourist sightseeing tours.
Bandanna example
Bandanna example
Bandanna with full color transfer example
Turn your bandanna into a treasured map! Perfect whether you have people visiting from a far or when you want to impress everyone at a special event, a map can make a useful memento.
  • Diverse usage: it's a sweatband, a placemat, a towel, a hair tie, and a keepsake in one!
  • Durable; will not tear, and can't be water damaged.
  • It's lightweight and folds easily into a pocket.
  • The impressive imprint area makes for a comprehensive and very legible map.
  • Full Color Transfers are available; up to 16 inches x 10 inches
The Sports Sector:
Spirit flags foster fellowship!
Everyone enjoys feeling like a part of a team. Focus on secondary schools through college, teams in your community, corporate clients and professional teams! The world's most valuable sports teams of 2018 are worth a cumulative $137 billion, and the average current value of these 50 teams is $2.74 billion, the highest to date, which is an increase over last year when the average value was $2.5 billion.
We can help creating a bandanna that shows off team colors with mascots, team logos, and slogans! Easily create a eye-arresting product using step and repeat or scatter patterns. We carry a variety of styles, ranging from triangles, to square bandannas, to doo-rags and cool wraps... All perfect for showing team spirit and camaraderie!
Step and repeat example
(Step and Repeat)
Scatter example
Copying a logo or creating a pattern can enhance any cloth promotional product. One color, step-and-repeat copy overall on one side of any item is free.
The Outdoors Sector:
Bandannas make great tools hikers!
A hiking trail map printed on a bandanna is a keepsake that will be used more than your run of the mill printed map! They will be used and reused for multiple purposes - and won't be discarded as thoughtlessly as their paper counterparts.
  • Wet the bandanna and wrap it around your head or neck for an effective cool wrap.
  • Tie it around a tall branch to make an easy campsite point of reference.
  • In a emergency, you can use the bandanna as a tourniquet or sling.
  • Bandannas make effective dust masks or water filters.
  • Use them as napkins, or make-shift plates.
BA283 - All Colors
New Product:
NC283 Doo Rag with Neck Protection
This muslin fitted doo rag cap features manual ties in the back and a long, wide rear flap to protect back of neck from the sun's UV Rays. Great to wear under caps or hats when you need extra sun protection.
75 pc • 150 pc • 250 pc • 500 pc
 $5.79 • $5.40 • $5.10 • $4.85
BA283 examples - Front and back
New Product:
NC284 SMART Tiers Doo Rag with Neck Protection
75 pc • 150 pc • 250 pc • 500 pc
 $8.84 • $8.25 • $7.79 • $7.14
SMART Tiers Doo Rag
SMART Tiers Colors
The Beverage Sector:
Beverage markets are a profitable growth industry.
Large 324 square inch imprints with bright colors can woo potential brands that want to launch products, give gifts, display products, etc. They are useful as napkins or bar towels. Our products are USA made and quality is assured!
In 2019, revenue generated in United States for Non-Alcoholic Drinks is projected to come in around $143,735m (USA) and Alcoholic Drinks market is projected to be $1,192,719m (USA). These markets are expected to grow annually by 3.4% (CAGR 2019-2023).
Triangle Bandannas
These bandannas feature a high thread count, purl stitched edges and no loose threads. You have your choice whether you want your item to have a background of plain white or any of the solid color choices.
Number Size
75 pc • 150 pc • 250 pc • 500 pc
The Pet Sector:
Market bandannas for man's best friend.
Pet industry spending has been steadily increasing and is expected to reach $96 billion by 2020. According to the American Pet Products Association, almost 85 million households have a pet and over the last 30 years pet ownership has gone from 56 percent to 68 percent of all households. 
Don't just think of groomers and humane societies when targeting the Pet Sector! Pet friendly hotels, pet friendly restaurants, real estate companies, banks --- Basically anyone who wants to advertise all over town; pet-parents love to dress up their fur-babies and show them around town, not to mention on social media!
The Medical Sector:
Have you thought of marketing bandannas to the medical sector?
1960 - 2016, healthcare spending in the USA increased:

  • from an average of $151/person per year to $10,320.
  • from an inflation-adjusted average of $1,248/person per year to $10,539.
  • from 5.0% of the nation’s economy (gross domestic product) to 17.9%.

Between 1997 and 2016, industry spending on marketing grew from $17.7 billion to $29.9 billion, largely owing to direct-to-consumer ads and marketing to health professionals to promote medicines.
Bandannas can be used to inform educate or instruct!

  • Promote a cause
  • Explain a product
  • Describe a service
  • Illustrate a health topic
  • National Health Day
  • Hospital or private practice promotion
NC530 Bouffant Cap
NC530 Bouffant cap example
This bouffant cap features an elastic sewn-in bottom and is made so that one-size-fits-all. This cap comes in a wide variety of colors and leaves plenty of space for you to add on a personal message or your company logo. Ideal for hospitals, clinics and medical schools!
75 pc • 150 pc • 250 pc • 500 pc
NC510 Surgical Cap
NC510 Surgical cap example
The fitted surgical cap features a notched back with a half inch tie string closure. The finished product is a perfect giveaway for doctors, nurses and other hospital staff members. 
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