Banish Bah-Humbug!
We say, "Happy Holidays" but it may not feel that way.  Sometimes people are a little busier, stressed, and stretched for patience during the holiday
season. Comedian Karyn Ruth-White encourages us to find the humor in everything we do using the acronym LAUGH:
L augh at Your Human Moments. 
Stop beating yourself up over the little setbacks  and disappointments. That's LIFE! We have all had  "one of those days." As Elvis Presley was fond of  saying, "When things go wrong...don't go with  them. Thank you...thank you very much."
A sk the Three Questions.
Give your mood a re-boot by asking:  
1. Is there anything funny about this? 
2. Am I going to let this ruin my day? 
3. Would this be funny if it were happening to  somebody else?
U ndo Stress in the Moment.
Motion changes emotion. When you are feeling  stressed...get up and move! Pattern-interrupt your  mental state by doing something physical. (See below video for demonstration of this).
Get Really Good at Comic Complaining.
Comic Complaining is the act of choosing humor  over conflict. Rather than yelling at the salesperson,  ask yourself, "Would using humor right now help
me achieve my desired result?"
Humortunities Are Everywhere.
Humor + Opportunity = Humortunity! Be on the  lookout for opportunities to interject some humor  into life's everyday situations.  Life is short...laugh a lot!

Karyn Ruth White - You're Starting to Agitate Me
Karyn Ruth White -
You're Starting to Agitate Me

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