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Swift Partners with CASY's T2TL to Offer Full Truck Driving Scholarships to Veterans, as well as current National Guard and Reserves

All veterans are eligible as long as they received an honorable discharge, or are an active member of the Guard or Reserves. Scot Snyder, the CASY & MSCCN Troops to Transportation & Logistics (T2TL) Program Manager, is excited about the program and the opportunities it offers, saying, “Swift is the only major, nationwide trucking firm offering truly free and paid CDL training through their unique support of the military community with these scholarships.”

The only thing stopping you from registering today is you. You don’t need a resume, and it’s free to apply. Register now, or contact our T2TL Program Manager, Patrick Clark, with further questions.
You could be on the road and in a new career sooner than you think.
For Sale: Fears and Excuses (I don't need them anymore)

It's almost time for Halloween, but the MSCCN blog isn't passing out the candy quite yet (though you might find some treats in our remote offices thanks to the Halloween Office Decoration Challenge ). Instead, Employment Specialist and writer Amanda Marksmeier is handing out sage advice, along with a few gummy bears.

Whether you're a veteran, a military spouse, or a current military member, you can choose to focus on your fears, your roadblocks, or the things that are out of your control... or you can choose to break the cycle and take concrete steps to get you where you really want to be. If you need a gummy bear, or a reminder that you have goals and dreams, Amanda's got you covered.

Q: How do I handle a behavior-based interview? Will my military training put me at a disadvantage answering these questions? Will I be able to translate my experience into scenario-based answers?

P.S. Do I really have to network? This interview prep is wearing me out.

A: If you're stressing about job interviews and networking, we've got you covered. CASY & MSCCN's October 24th Interview Live Training will help you shake off your nerves and gain experience answering scenario-based questions.

P.S. Yes, you really have to network! Some of the best job information comes from your networking connections... they may know about a job before it even hits the market. Unsure where to begin? Register for our October 31st November Job Search & Social Networking Live Training... you can take your first steps from the comfort of your own home.

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