April 2023

Finding Fintechs: A Choose Your Own Adventure Guide

This report is intended as a guide to help more banks take advantage of the offerings of financial technology companies to improve efficiency, customer relationships and to facilitate growth, and to do it in a way that mitigates risk.


Effectively and Realistically Embracing Embedded Fintech

Embedded fintech via collaborative banking gives banks a way to deliver needed technology and innovation to their customers in a safe, efficient and compliant way.


Reimagining A2A Transfers in a World of Real-Time Payments

Banks should think about how they can expand their own money movement offerings in the ever-changing payments landscape.


The Big Opportunity in Small Business Lending

Small business lending provides community banks with new revenue opportunities, diversified loan portfolios and additional deposits.


2023 Bank Trends: Where Banks Are Spending Their Tech Dollars

Turmoil for banks could affect their tech priorities, with risk and compliance at the forefront.


MAY 9-10, 2023 | TAMPA, FL

Experience FinXTech

Bank Director’s Experience FinXTech conference is the industry’s leading financial technology event. Designed to help banks and fintechs develop strategic connections, leaders in attendance explore cutting-edge financial technologies and become experts on the partnership process.

The Deal on Fintechs provides a monthly snapshot of movement within the financial industry. Below is a list of last month's fintech and bank acquisitions and IPOs linked to source material for more information.



There were no fintech IPOs in March 2023.