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"Cares is a word, but it's also an acronym..." This is a familiar phrase at ABS. Our chairman uses it whenever he begins to talk about ABS' corporate ethos -- the characteristic spirit of our office culture, beliefs and aspirations.

I could write what "ABS CARES" means, but -- like Shakespeare -- I think it is better said than read. So, I invite you to watch our ABS CARES video below.

ABS Cares

I hope this edition of BankLine has many items of interest for you. 


James W. Bruce, III
CEO and General Counsel, American Bank Systems
BankManager® Accounts Payable

Want to simplify your accounts payable? We're here to help. With BankManager® Accounts Payable (AP), the entire process is streamlined, through vendor management to workflow to imaging.
In terms of vendor management, BankManager® AP offers the ability to control access to documents based on authority settings and customized restricted groups. Enabling banks of any size to prepare for an audit with confidence, the System generates document tracking reports by date or document type and sorts by vendor or document. Putting an end to lost invoices, late payments and missed discounts, BankManager® AP provides centralized vendor management and automated user-defined document tracking.
In addition, the imaging feature enables immediate access to all invoices and vendor documents from the comfort of your own desk. BankManager® AP's imaging capabilities also allow users to email images with the option to encrypt with password protection and view images grouped by invoice number, document type or year.
A paperless system from start to finish, BankManager® AP can easily route invoices for approval to specific managers and scan or import documents from multiple locations. With the innovative system, users can ensure compliance with bank invoice approval policy while separating duties by customizable roles assigned to users. Easily able to integrate a user's current AP system, the System can provide additional reports for AP aging report, invoice approval, discounts and vendor information. Invoice reports have the ability to incorporate hyperlinks to the document image for immediate viewing while the dashboard displays all invoices awaiting approval along with the invoice status, including an automatic notification to the approver via email.
Want to learn more about BankManager® AP? Contact Tom Ryan at 405-605-7326 or .

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On Dec. 15, 2016, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) issued News Release 2016-156 removing outdated or unnecessary provisions of certain rules. Among those is the financial disclosure requirement found in 12 CFR Part 18. Specifically, Part 18 requires national banks to prepare financial disclosure statements which include...  View Article

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The Americans with Disability Act has had little press since it was signed into law on July 26, 1990 - at least until now. The ADA is designed to prevent discrimination against persons with disabilities and to provide them with equal access to employment, physical facilities, and goods and services... View Article

CoPilot Tips & Tricks
System Help
CoPilot is a loan and deposit account origination system with a user-friendly interface putting you in control. CoPilot Loans helps banks save money and time. Not every loan needs an expensive legal review. CoPilot Loans does it for you, providing you with documents and processes that are designed to ensure compliance. CoPilot Deposits is a sophisticated deposit origination system which improves efficiency, accuracy and compliance.
Did you know there is a System Help box on the left side of the screen which provides helpful information as the User navigates through each field of the CoPilot program? Designated CoPilot Bank Administrators can also add more customized helpful information for each field in the Custom Help box.

To find out more about CoPilot, please contact our ABS Customer Care Team at 405-607-7000, or visit our website at

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