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Invest in Experienced Leadership - Have a team that is a good mixture of age and mileage.
This is one of four keys to a successful tech startup noted in a 2013 Forbes article by Vick Vaishnavi.*

Now, ABS is no startup company (we have been in business for over 45 years); but, the advice is sage for any business - and it is advice we take to heart.
For example, we recently promoted Jobby Joseph to Chief Operations Officer. Jobby has over 20 years of experience in software development - the last 13 of those years working here at ABS after he moved from India to Oklahoma. What's his philosophy of leadership? "Use his knowledge and skills to help others within ABS with their work."
Along with Jobby, our investment in experienced leadership can be seen in many other ABS associates. For brevity's sake, I will name our Associates with 10 or more years of "mileage" in banking, compliance, legal, printing, software development, sales, training, customer care, and/or computer hardware:

50+ Years Club
Jim Bruce

40+ Years Club
Benjy Cook
Gina Ellis
Greg Warren

30+ Years Club
Elva Coffey-Sears
Tom Ryan

20+Years Club

Jay Bruce
Jason Cook
Wayne Fulcher
Steve Johnson
Jobby Joseph
Shelly Kennedy
Carol Ledbetter
Debra Long
Robin McIntosh
Gary Reed
Cody Roberts
Coral Snider
15+Years Club

Sherry Brickell
Mary Cope
Carl Figgins
Buddy Hutchinson
Jeff Johnson
Dave Walls

10+ Years Club
Jeff Baker
Ken Crowder
Shawn Gollob
Bill Martin
Jim Pennington
Cindy Wilhelm

These experienced individuals display leadership in their willingness to share ideas, help others, and do what is necessary to get the job done. They are complemented by team members throughout the Company with less mileage but equal enthusiasm and desire to excel. Hopefully, you have the pleasure of working in a similar environment with a good mixture of age and mileage.  
I hope this edition of BankLine has many items of interest for you.


James W. Bruce, III
CEO and General Counsel, American Bank Systems

BankManager® HR: Simplify your Human Resources Department

Wish all employee files could be streamlined in one place, accessible with the quick click of a mouse? Now there's BankManager HR, a robust electronic file system that provides documentation and data for employee files.
Easily allowing managers to oversee staff needs and training, the system even lets employees access their own files to review, read updated policies and provide the required information. Online forms such as W-4's, evaluations and absent reports can also be submitted through BankManager HR making it a convenient, timesaving resource.
Also, for added security, documents are stored and secured inside the database. BankManager HR even has its own automated email system, programmed to send emails to employees, whether requesting new or missing documentation or even to wish them a happy anniversary or birthday. 
To learn more about BankManager HR or to experience it for yourself, please contact Tom Ryan at (800) 522-4990 or .
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CoPilot Tips & Tricks
Training Mode
CoPilot is a loan and deposit account origination system with a user-friendly interface putting you in control. CoPilot Loans helps banks save money and time. Not every loan needs an expensive legal review. Copilot Loans™ does it for you, providing you with documents and processes that are designed to ensure compliance. CoPilot Deposits is a sophisticated deposit origination system which improves efficiency, accuracy and compliance.
CoPilot has a built-in Training Mode which allows users to practice learning the system or try out various loan and/or deposit scenarios. Any information entered in the Training Mode will not appear on Bank reports or totals.

To find out more about CoPilot, please contact our ABS Customer Care Team at (405) 607-7000 or visit our website at .
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