Colleagues, Fellow Professionals and Friends,

An African proverb says, 
"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."
Proverbs are "wisdom" sayings. They are short, pithy, memorable instructions that pass on "skill for living" from one generation to the next. They are meant to be learned and applied to spare us from the consequences of folly and to help us achieve what we would otherwise miss.

Think how the wisdom of this proverb can be applied in all facets of life - personally, professionally, organizationally, and even nationally. At home, I can attest that my family goes farther when we go together. Professionally, I have gone farther by learning my craft in the company of skilled people.  But, how do we go farther together in an organization or in the larger venue of our country? Here are a few thoughts based on some other African proverbs:
" Work done in the right way rewards both the employee and the employer."
Sharing a set of values - To go far together, a group must have a sustained and shared commitment to core principles. Core principles are like a rudder that steers the group in a common direction.
" He who does not know one thing, knows another."
Appreciating the contributions of others - From the lowest profile person to the highest, all must recognize and understand the importance of their own work and that of their associates to the organization. No one person in your organization is the sole repository of talent and ideas.
" The hoes of two people cultivating together in a field sometimes clash against each other."
"As the dog said, ' If I fall down for you and you fall down for me, it's playing.'"
" If you offend, ask for pardon; if offended forgive."
Bearing and forbearing others - Each member of the group needs to bear one another up and help, as well as accept help from others, when help is needed. We also need to show forbearance when mistakes are made, as we would want to be shown forbearance when we err.  Mistakes inevitably happen, but we can "fall forward" when we work in an environment of mutual forbearance.
"Wood already touched by fire is not hard to set alight."
Encouraging greatness in others - We all need a pat on the back, especially when we are carrying a heavy load.
" A person is a person because of other persons."
Valuing group success over your own personal achievement - Personal success is important, but not as important, and satisfying, as team success. If the team fails, you fail. If the team wins, you win. Just ask any athlete after a championship game in a team sport: individual records mean little if the team loses. If the team wins, everyone is a champion.
There are, no doubt, many other thoughts for applying this proverb, and with the help of others I could go further. I will leave it to you to ponder, at your leisure, and apply this in your own circumstances. I would be remiss, however, if I did not say that I am grateful for all the Associates at ABS because together they have taken this company further than anyone could have imagined.
One final African proverb: "Go in that direction."  I believe it does not mean that   you go , but rather "
Let's go together

I hope this edition of 
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James W. Bruce, III
CEO and General Counsel, American Bank Systems SpotlightMarch

This marks my 51st year in banking - the best industry in which to work. It also marks my 26th year of serving banks
through American Bank Systems after being a banker myself for 25 years. It has been a great ride. Why you may ask?  The answer is because of the associates with whom I have been privileged to work. That was true during my career at the Liberty National Bank & Trust Company of Oklahoma City and its parent, Banks of Mid-America and has certainly been true during my entrepreneurial years after Liberty. 
American Bank Systems has been a "servant company" to the banking industry since 1969 when it was founded by my first boss at Liberty, Morrison Graham Tucker. "Tuck" was one of the best bankers, nay businessman, I have had the privilege to know and have as a compatriot. His vision for a bank service company focused on having the finest lending and deposit forms, systems to file and maintain them, track them and manage the underlying collateral. This foundation of our enterprise is why we say "banking systems designed for bankers by bankers". 
In 1993 when I acquired the majority ownership of American Bank Systems from Tuck, there were 13 employees with offices and a print shop in a complex of warehouse/office buildings. Since then we have grown as a compliance company serving over 350 clients in some 40 states with four proprietary offerings: BankManager ® (document management system), CompliancePro® (compliance risk monitoring system), our popular loan and deposit transaction forms, and our recently-adopted loan and deposit documentation system called CoPilot which is owned by Digital Banking Solutions, LLC of Oklahoma City -- a member of our family enterprise. CoPilot serves clients in eleven states and has been implemented by our first client in Oklahoma. We believe that these systems will continue to provide much needed services to community banks - the backbone of America's financial services industry.
The associates of our companies are among the finest associates in America. It has been my privilege to work with them and to help them demonstrate our shibboleth, "ABS Cares", through the customer care which each team member gives to our clients. We have been richly blessed to serve great clients and to work alongside a team of experienced compliance and technology experts, as well as talented young people, who are all dedicated to support the compliance requirements of our highly regulated industry. We appreciate your business - the reason for our past success and our future service opportunities.

James W. Bruce, Jr.   

The Elegance of Digital Authentication 

James W. Bruce, III CEO and General Counsel

Elegance: the quality of being graceful and stylish; pleasingly ingenious and simple.
That is an apt description of CoPilot's digital authentication process for "e-Signing" loan documents. No clunky signature pads. No images of scrawled signatures that look nothing like a person's actual signature -- think of how your digital signature looks when you make a credit card purchase.                 

CoPilot's digital authentication functionality creates a unique alpha-numeric identifier for each signer in a transaction and puts that identifier on every document, on the appropriate signature line, wherever that person's signature is required. The System also creates a unique document identifier that is printed on each page of the e-signed document and is cross referenced on the authentication agreement to link the signature to the document. 

CoPilot also easily allows you to remove the digital authentication from any document in a transaction (such as a note or mortgage) if you want a "wet" signature. It's ingenious, simple, elegant programming - fully compliant with the requirements of the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign Act).

To learn more about CoPilot's digital authentication, give us a call today.

  CoPilot System Highlights

Easy to install and use    

Minimal hardware requirements

Automated Updates  

Process Manager permits managing the loan/deposit documentation process

eSignature capability

Unified Screen Layout for Loans/Deposits makes training and usage simpler

Designed to meet future needs

Randy Franzen is the Midwest Territory Manager for ABS has been with the company since 2012. Randy admires the culture at ABS, namely the moral authority with which we conduct our business. Randy categorizes his greatest achievement in the industry his ability to accomplish tasks independently and, more broadly, the honesty with which he conducts business.
A Nebraskan born and bred, Randy attended the University of Nebraska where he triple majored in Chemistry, Agronomy, and Communications. Three majors was natural for the salesman who will tell you himself "one was not enough."
Randy and his wife Kim reside in Omaha and have daughter who is in her fourth year of nursing school and will be pursing a medical degree in the fall.
A survivor of Adult Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, an extremely rare disease normally found in children, Randy enjoys collecting medieval artifacts and other antiques. Randy is also a member of St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, the Knights of Columbus and the American Childhood Cancer Association. 

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Utilizing Notes in BankManager® Elite

BankManager® Elite includes two notes sections: Customer Notes and Exception Notes. Customer Notes are conveniently displayed on the Customer screen. This eliminates the need to search the Notes section in order to read them. The Exception Notes in Tracking are specific to a document and print out on the Exception Report.    

Customer and Exception Notes are great communication tools available to all users!

To find out more about utilizing Notes in BankManager® Elite, please consult the BankManager® Elite User Guide or contact our ABS Customer Care Team at 405-607-7000.

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