August 2021
Title Notes E-news
Top 10 Critical Competencies of Great Leaders
by Doug Thorpe

Great leaders share many common traits. Though criteria for leadership in the workplace can vary from company to company, the majority of effective leaders exemplify certain skills. By focusing on developing these same skills, you can take your leadership abilities to the next level. Click HERE to learn more about how you can develop these 10 important traits necessary to become a great leader.
July Bankers Title Teammate Anniversaries
Robyn Parker
20 Years
Lacey Kelsey
18 Years
Cindy Dail
11 Years
The Most Important Skill for Success
by Mark Sanborn

What do all successful people have in common, regardless of occupation or location? Intentionality -- which I define intentionality as being crystal clear on what you want to achieve and taking the right action every day to achieve it. Yet is there one skill more important than all others for achieving and sustaining success? I believe there is. It drives intentionality. If intentionality is the engine, then this skill is the fuel. Learning is essential. It keeps you growing and improving and makes life richer and more interesting. Yet there is something even more important. Click HERE to read on.
We Still Ate the Cake!
At Bankers Title it is unfortunate when you are sick on your birthday.
We love you, yet we still at the cake! We were thoughtful enough to send
a Happy Birthday picture to the birthday girl!
Mortgage Costs Grow 20 Times Faster Than Incomes
from the National Association of REALTORS®

Housing affordability continues to decline as the hot real estate market fuels skyrocketing prices. Incomes aren’t keeping pace with the higher prices. The median family income rose by 1.2% in May while the monthly mortgage payment jumped by 20%. Even as mortgage rates are down compared to a year ago—which has helped buyers save on borrowing costs—the median existing-home price has jumped 24.4% compared to the same period. Clear HERE to gain more insights.
Office Visitors to Ease the Stress of the Day
FedEx Monitor ... Keeping our packages safe and protected while in the office
Hall Monitor ... Watching to make sure everyone is keeping busy
Will Long-Term Effects of Deposit Surplus Speed Banking Consolidation?
by John Ginovsky

During the pandemic and well into the recovery depositors have socked away trillions of dollars while business borrowers find themselves hamstrung by supply chain disruptions. By some estimates it could be two years before the situation evens out, and by then the profit squeeze could force more institutions to sell. Some institutions are countering with aggressive strategies. Click HERE to learn more.

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