May 2021
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Bankers Title and the Courthouses will be closed on Monday, May 31st in observance of Memorial Day.

Join us in commemorating all the men and women who have died while serving in the military for the United States of America.
Anxiety and Work: The Impact of Anxiety on Different Generations of Employees
by Charlie Fletcher

The reality is, we are an anxious and stressed-out society. However, anxiety is far more than just uncomfortable — it can be debilitating. Over 40 million Americans suffer from some kind of anxiety disorder, making anxiety disorders the most common form of mental illness in the US. And we’re feeling the impacts. It’s estimated that anxiety-related physical and mental health challenges result in more than $42 billion in healthcare costs each year. But the impacts go far beyond these expenditures. In the workplace, anxiety is also strongly linked to lost productivity, decreased performance, and increased absenteeism and attrition. A mounting body of research suggests that some demographic groups are at greater risk both of developing anxiety disorders and of suffering significant effects from them. Click HERE to learn more.

Annoying Habits that Bother Your Coworkers
by Diane Gottsman

It’s time to get back to the office, which makes for an excellent opportunity to brush up on some office etiquette skills. According to a recent survey conducted by Olivet Nazarene University, when it comes to irritating office habits and behaviors, everyone has had their share of annoying coworker experiences. Their survey found out of 2,000 Americans, 100 percent of respondents reported being irritated by their peers on the job. Click HERE to learn more about the most common offenses.
Working long hours to process your client's loan applications? Our online quick quote rate calculator is available 24/7/365

You can easily access it from the home page of our website. Check it out HERE. Get your title premiums, settlement fee, and recording fees with three clicks. The quote can be saved as a PDF document and emailed to your client. Fast, simple, easy, anytime!

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Humility: A Leadership Superpower
by Sabrina Horn

Being humble may not seem like an obvious CEO trait. It is true that you’d be hard-pressed to find a leader who lacked self-esteem or had a sense of unworthiness. In the real world, the CEO does not have all the answers, but does have all the questions and the confidence to ask them. The best leaders have a realistic appreciation of their strengths and weaknesses. They are secure in knowing that they don’t know everything, and they have no problem asking for help, learning from others and even apologizing for their mistakes. So what does humility look like in leadership? Click HERE to learn more.
Why Your Leadership Needs Humanity
What Kind of Leader are You: Superhero or Human Being?
by Wally Bock

Leaders who see themselves as superior to their teams won't receive ideas or initiative from them. Instead, develop a culture that fosters autonomy, safety and growth. Work at using your behavior to influence the behavior and performance of others. If you want to lead like a human being instead of a superhero, click HERE to read about some things to think about.
Inquiring Minds: Can a Notary Certify a Mortgage Note in Virginia?
from National Notary Association

The Answer: No, a Notary may not certify a Note. There are two reasons why. First, the statement in the Note describes an act that is not authorized under the laws of Virginia. Second, the act on the Virginia Note requires the exercise of legal qualifications and skill that a non-attorney Notary does not possess, and thus would engage in the unauthorized practice of law. Click HERE to learn more.
How Financial Services Can Thrive After COVID-19
Jennifer Passini, Ph.D.

The post-pandemic world will be an altogether different place than the world preceding it, which means that brands across all industries need to be prepared for what comes next, especially when it comes to customer experience (CX). There are several things that retail banks can do today to help ensure that they remain viable and attractive financial service providers. First, banks should pay close attention to how their clients behaved during the pandemic—what transactions or account activities occurred more or less during this crisis? What surprises cropped up, and was your brand able to meet the challenge? Click HERE to read on.
The BT On-site Team Keeping You Informed and Safe! It's What We Do!
Bankers Title is Offering Drive-Through Closings for Added Safety
The Bankers Title Settlement Team is offering clients the convenience and safety of outdoor closings. We are happy to coordinate, just let your settlement processor know in advance.

Bankers Title is Currently Conducting Hybrid Closings
Many lenders are beginning to offer hybrid closings where non-notarized documents can be digitally signed in advance of or at the closing. We are able to accommodate client and lender needs.

Coming Soon: Bankers Title Will Have E-Notaries on Staff
This will enable us to complete full remote on-line notarization (RON) closings. More to come!
Contact Robyn Parker to learn more.
2020's PPP Chaos Gives Way to Smoother Encore
in 2021
by Karen Epper Hoffman

Technology glitches, overwhelmed staff and systems, contradictory dictates, and an over-arching pressure to make things happen fast all contributed to a rushed, somewhat confusing environment with the first round of PPP. But now, with a second round of PPP currently under way, bankers and others involved in the process are much older and wiser—and applying their lessons learned last year to this recent round of funding.The key has been to understand their borrowers’ needs, and how to satisfy and accommodate each eligible borrower regardless of size... click HERE to read on.
Why Every Buyer Needs an Owner's Policy
Owner's Policy Comparison Chart
Protect Your Clients From
Wire Fraud
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