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September 2020
Title Notes E-News

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If You Want To Quickly Reduce Your Employees' Burnout, Make Them Answer This One Question Every Morning
by Mark Murphy
Most of us are feeling more burned out than usual (we all can feel that gnawing pessimism and fatigue creeping into the backs of our minds). And not only is that burnout dramatically hurting our mental health, but research has also shown that burnout damages productivity and increases mistakes, which no business can afford right now.
One of the biggest drivers of employee burnout is the feeling that we're not accomplishing anything at work. Click HERE to learn how to fix that classic symptom of burnout - the feeling that "I'm not getting anything done lately."
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10 Observations From Bankers in a Prolonged Pandemic World
by Michael Carter, Strategic Resource Management

COVID-19 is still presenting significant challenges to the important goal of reopening the U.S. economy. In banking, the focus has been on how to adapt, survive and thrive in an environment with so much uncertainty. Our firm conducted an initial survey in March focused on bankers' early attitudes and actions in response to the coronavirus. With our second survey in June, we wanted to collect data that would tell us how those early attitudes and actions were evolving. What has become standard operating procedure that wasn't in the plan at the beginning of 2020? Where would the focus be now and in the foreseeable future? How was the pandemic impacting the payment habits of customers? Click HERE to see what was discovered.
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Irrefutable Principles of High-Performance Mortgage and Real Estate Practices [Principles 4 & 5]
by Todd Duncan

Note: This is a follow-up to Principles 1, 2,and 3 which were featured in the August e-newsletter. Todd Duncan, sales entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author, showcases five principles for mortgage and real estate professionals to embrace for success.

Principle 4: Competence Leads to Confidence -- Confidence Leads to Consistency
In the world of achievement, nothing is more important than doing what you do well, at the highest level of competence possible. When you do that, the confidence to execute gets stronger and stronger. When your confidence is high, you will want to do the thing as consistently as possible, because you are great at it. Click HERE to learn about the key discipline every mortgage, and real estate professional would want to practice as much as possible, to be as great as possible, to execute as consistently as possible.
Principle 5: Accountability is More Important than Action, and Nothing Happens Without Action -- You have to motivate you, too.  You are the ultimate motivator of yourself. You are the one that has to do the work. You are the one that has to make different choices. All success, growth, and achievement will come from your actions, right actions. But right actions are more likely to be taken, completed and transformed into inspiring habits only when you embrace accountability. Success doesn't happen in a day; it happens daily! Accountability is the key ingredient to form new habits. Click HERE to learn about the four levels of accountability to aide you on your journey to your own greatness.
How To Do a Better Job of Listening When You're Remote
by Judith Humphrey

Listening effectively when speaking with a remote audience presents an extra challenge. Yet no audience is in greater need of being listened to than a virtual audience. They crave the human experience that typifies face-to-face situations, and they deeply want to know that you are listening, and that you care about what they are thinking and feeling, and are ready to respond.
How can you make that happen? Click HERE to learn about the three powerful ways to listen virtually.
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Can Nontraditional Credit Analysis Be Community Banks' Path to Profit?
by Jo Ann Barefoot and Melissa Koide

In many smaller American towns banks are finding usual sources of loan demand dwindling - and that was before the COVID-19 recession. Community banking institutions may find trouble if they market their credit services further afield. The solution may be to dig deeper for loans in the communities they already know, marketing loans to be evaluated with new alternative data sources (like some fintechs do). Click HERE to learn more about how the sound use of digital age technologies could open a new era of fair, inclusive and sound lending that could benefit millions of consumers, and their local financial providers as well.
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Bankers Title is Offering Drive-Through Closings for Added Safety
The Bankers Title Settlement Team is offering clients the convenience and safety of outdoor closings. We are happy to coordinate, just let your settlement processor know in advance.

Bankers Title is Currently Conducting Hybrid Closings
Many lenders are beginning to offer hybrid closings where non-notarized documents can be digitally signed in advance of or at the closing. We are able to accommodate client and lender needs.

Coming Soon: Bankers Title Will Have E-Notaries on Staff
This will enable us to complete full remote on-line notarization (RON) closings.  More to come!
Contact Robyn Parker to learn more. 
What You Need To Know About Bankers Title, LLC

  • Established in 1994
  • Managed by the Virginia Bankers Association
  • Exclusive underwriter for Investors Title
  • Committed to maintaining customer satisfaction by delivering quality title insurance products and closing services in an accurate and timely manner
Single source for all your title and settlement needs:
  • Licensed to underwrite title insurance in: Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and District of Columbia
  • Commercial Certified Underwriters on staff
  • Our settlement services can be customized to fit the needs of closing attorneys.
  • We can offer full services or simply HUD preparation and disbursement.
  • Our staff's vast experience enables us to respond quickly and effectively to detailed title questions, unusual search results, challenging escrow projects, and complex residential and commercial closings.
Did you know BT offers?
  • Closing services throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia using a network of professional closers with the convenience of closings at your bank, client's office, etc.
  • Specialized competitive pricing and an innovative product line
  • Negotiable commercial premiums and discounted premiums for Community Housing
  • Reissue rates good for 10 years on ANY company's prior policy
  • Facilitation of 1031 exchanges through Investors Title Exchange Corporation
  • Online quote calculator that provides title premiums, settlement fees and recording costs
  • Free Seminars and customized training for your team
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**Remember to offer your borrowers Owner's Coverage on their most valuable investment. It's a one time premium with a lifetime of security.
In addition, they will receive a reduced premium rate when they obtain it simultaneously with your Lender's Coverage and a discount on Lenders Coverage every time they refinance within the next 10 years.**
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