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September 2019
Title Notes E-News

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This 75-Year Harvard Study Shows How To Have a Lifetime of Joy
by Benjamin P. Hardy

In the digital world we now live in, it's not about the amount of hours you work. But the amount of thought and humanity you put into your work.

The deeper and more transformative your daily experiences, the more perspective you'll have into what the world needs. The better you'll be at your job. The happier you'll be as a person - despite experiencing hardships throughout life.

When you have people around you who love and help you, you become a different and better person. You become transformed. You become capable of doing amazing things. You are enabled to overcome hardships that would destroy most people.  Click HERE to read on.

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We have been busy adding incredible talent to the Bankers Title over the past several months! It is with great pleasure to introduce Tanya Clark and Hendry Jones!

Tanya Clark, Licensed Title Underwriter

Tanya Clark joins our team as a Licensed Title Underwriter. She has 21 years of title insurance and settlement experience. Prior to moving to Rhode Island with her family, Tanya worked for the Virginia Bankers Association as the Title Operations Manager for the VBA managed title agencies in Virginia and West Virginia.  Thinking outside of the box and utilizing technology at our fingertips has allowed us to make it possible to include Tanya as part of our team. She is a graduate of West Virginia University.  Please help us welcome Tanya to the team.
Hendry Jones, Settlement Officer
Hendry Jones joins our team as a Settlement Officer. She has 28 years of settlement and title insurance experience. Hendry is well versed in commercial and residential purchase, refinance, construction, as well as the commercial transactions that fall into a category all of their own. Hendry attended UNC and is a native of North Carolina. Please help us welcome Hendry to the team.   
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Phishers Play On Emotions To Fool Victims
by Dennis Fisher
Phishing has proven to be one of the more difficult security problems to solve, and the biggest challenge is that human error is to blame for most of our problems. If only we could remove humans from the loop, everything would work perfectly. Sure humans make mistakes and click on malicious links and fall for phishing scams, yet it's not always because of ignorance or indifference or carelessness. Quite often, it's because the people crafting those phishing emails and creating the campaigns understand human psychology and know how to target their messages to create emotional responses. Click HERE to learn more. 
Bankers Title Gives Back
The Bankers Title Team showing our appreciation
to our clients for an amazing summer!
Did you say DONUTS? Yum!
Carol Butler has been busy volunteering in between
her normal appointments and helping the team in the office. She's here, there, everywhere! A few photos
from various volunteer events she attended recently. Keep up with her on Bankers Title Facebook page.
Hometown, Community Banks Don't Have To Disappear
by Michael Boukadakis
Community banks have made a positive impact on our country, and they can continue their legacy with help from both traditional and non-traditional players. Balancing the importance of in-person and digital customer engagement is crucial for community banks to protect their market share. Consumers want their financial institutions to meet them where they are, in the communications channels they like to use. Click  HERE for more insights.

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Are Your Company's Strengths Really Weaknesses?
by Adam Brandenburger
Look at a map of the  world drawn upside down. It's a good way to challenge your assumptions about the way the world is - especially which continents and oceans are bigger and which are smaller. Looking at the business world upside down has a similar effect: It challenges your assumptions about company characteristics and what they mean for an organization.  Click HERE to learn about new strategies that can systematically help you ask important questions about whether upside-down rather than right-side-up dynamics may be at work in your business
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Opinion Process Changes Can Bring New Business to Mortgage Lenders
by Steve Smith
When interest rates start to rise again - and they will - mortgage lenders looking to bring in extra business should consider shaking up their offerings.  Simple steps, such as digitizing the lending experience, can go a long way toward boosting mortgage applications even as interest  rates continue to fluctuate.  Most millennials want to own  a home. In fact, 72% say owning a home is a top priority. Earn the business of these tech-savvy consumers -- as the  largest generation in the U.S. workforce , millennials have the purchasing power to make a big difference in your bottom line.
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**Remember to offer your borrowers Owner's Coverage on their most valuable investment. It's a one time premium with a lifetime of security. In addition, they will receive a reduced premium rate when they obtain it simultaneously with your Lender's Coverage.**

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