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Summer 2019
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Real Estate Wire Fraud Is Real -- And It Almost Happened to Me
by Aly J. Yale, Contributor to Forbes

It all started with an email.  Just days before closing on a home, I got a message from my escrow officer-or at least someone pretending to be her. Our closing costs needed to be wired to the title company right away, she said, or our closing date would be pushed back.

Considering the six weeks I'd spent waiting to close on the property-not to mention the disdain I had for our current rental home-the message sent my heart racing.

The font was right. The signature was right. There was even a CC to my real estate agent. But something seemed off.

A closer look at the header revealed the problem. Each email address-one for my agent, one my mortgage broker and one for my escrow officer-was a single character off.

It was a fake.... and it happens all the time. Click HERE to read on.



Click HERE to learn more about Mortgage Closing Scams and How to Protect Your Clients

How Consumer Experience In Financial Services Will Lead The Charge -- And The Change
by Nikhil Lele
While always negotiating states of flux and change, the consumer financial services industry today faces an inflection point like no other. As digitalization overtakes the financial world, firms must shift their strategies to differentiate on trust and financial wellness-with bundled offerings that swap out product-centric selling for holistic, personalized value propositions. So how long could this take? Research leads us to conclude that the industry will be reframed in the next five years. Click HERE to learn more. 
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Bankers Title In The Community

L to R: Carol Butler of Bankers Title, Steve Chilton of MGIC, and Sarah Stedfast of NewTowne Mortgage at the Virginia Mortgage Lenders Association Golf Tournament at Hunting Hawk Golf Course. BT proudly served as a hole sponsor.
L to R: Julie Krupnick and Carol Butler participated in the Hampton Roads BizConnect's Give it Back Event. BT acquired auction items from Pedego Electric Bikes. All money from silent auction was divided an given to 20 charities exhibiting at the event.
How To Have Powerful Conversations That Will Influence People
by LaRae Quy
The purpose of powerful conversations is to influence people and change mindsets.  You may need a powerful conversation to change the behavior of one of your colleagues. Or, to convince shareholders that you have a solution to the problem that faces your company. Even more common are powerful conversations where ideas are exchanged, breakthroughs produced, and people feel both challenged and supported.  Click  HERE to learn how you can have powerful conversations that will influence people.

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AVMs Will Soon Represent 70% of Valuations
Represent a viable option for much of the current origination volume
by Kelsey Ramirez
Automated valuation models often come under special scrutiny as mortgage experts seek to increase technology in the industry while warding off the possibility of another housing crisis, but one expert explained why AVMs could work in today's mortgage lending environment. Click HERE to learn more. 
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Your Guide To Winning Business Banking Customers
the BAI Banking Outlook Report
The business banking landscape is changing-rapidly-yet financial services organizations find themselves challenged to keep up. The disconnects are many, with some banks unaware of how their position and reputation amongst business customers have changed. The BAI Banking Outlook report sheds light on how banks can refine their overall strategy and gain a competitive edge. Click HERE to learn more and access the podcast reviewing key takings. 
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Are You Working On You? Questions For Improving the Quality of Your Leadership
by John R. Stoker
Click HERE for a few ideas of questions you might consider as you give thought to your experience as a leader. Answering these particular questions will help clarify your current results, assess the quality of your leadership, and increase awareness of the condition of your relationships. Taking the time to contemplate how you are interacting with others and how they are responding to you will help you in important ways to become a stronger, more effective leader. 
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