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Working Through the Night 

Is All in a Day's Work


For KeyBank, customer service is king. With so much banking done online today, it's even more important to deliver a great experience when customers visit a branch. So when KeyBank looks to partner with a contractor, it's critical to find one who has similar priorities. They found that in JZ Construction.


As part of the bank's regular branch updates, the KeyBank East Main Street facility in the Columbus suburb of Bexley was due for a facelift that would refurbish the interior, update the digital/electronic capabilities, and make a public restroom ADA-compliant. All work had to be accomplished without compromising KeyBank's customer service experience in any way.



To do this, JZ Construction's bonded team needed to plan the work and work the plan. They went into third-shift mode, working only during off-business hours, overnight and on weekends. By the time the branch opened each morning, there was no trace that workers had been there.


"We would only start on what we knew we could finish that night," said Angela Peterson, JZ's Senior Project Manager. "We'd start soon after the bank closed, work through the night, be done by 4:00 a.m., clean up, and be out the door by 6:00 so they were ready to greet their customers at 8:00. Everything was completely back to normal."


Getting the timing just right so that the work was invisible to customers during business hours was key to this project, said Carla Paul-Nagy, KeyBank Facilities Construction Manager. And Peterson and her team were able to do exactly that--which was no easy feat.


The effort required complex planning and management. JZ's Associate Project Manager, Kenny Wesch, was on site every night, and before going home he'd send a report to Peterson: what was accomplished that night, who he needed on site the next night, and what supplies the crew would need waiting for them.


"It definitely turned a one-person job into a two-person effort, and communication was really important," Peterson said. "On a normal project, Kenny would be able to manage his staffing needs during the day. He'd be able to call for delivery of materials. But let's face it: Nobody wants to hear from you at 3:00 in the morning. They want the call during 'normal' business hours. So he'd let me know what he needed, and I'd make all of the arrangements the next day. The system ended up working really well.


"Working through the night requires adjustments in all aspects of your life, but my team made the effort and performed with a high degree of excellence."


Peterson and Wesch met each evening before work began, just to make sure all of the components were flowing smoothly. Everything was carefully choreographed to allow the team to get in, accomplish the night's goals, and get out.


"Finishing for the night at 4:00 for an exit time of 6:00 was critical," Peterson said, "because it gave time for everything to be cleaned up. Draping off areas and covering supplies and returns to keep dust from the HVAC system was important, too, because construction dust would have made the building unpleasant for workers and customers alike."


The project included all new finishes: removing paper and skimming the walls, pulling up and replacing tile flooring, creating a room adjacent to the lockbox area for customers to review the contents of their boxes privately, switching out light fixtures, remodeling the break room and bathroom, new paint, carpet, and a new teller line--which took the better part of a weekend.



The teller line involved removal of the counter and steel that ran underneath, which comprises individual vaults at each station. Electrical and data lines had to be disconnected and reconnected, new steel vaults were installed, and carpet was laid, all between closing time at noon Saturday and opening on Monday.


"There were a lot of people working in a very small space over a short period of time. It required a high level of cooperation from everyone on the project," Peterson said. "But it was what our customer needed, so we made it happen. KeyBank was very clear about their needs. We just made sure they were met."


According to Paul-Nagy, Peterson was a real asset to her team. "She was very conscientious. She listened to me and knew exactly what I needed. The branch is my customer, and we had to make sure they were happy on a day-to-day basis."


KeyBank expressed satisfaction with both the quality of the work and the experience working with JZ. Paul-Nagy was "very happy with how everything went."


Both Paul-Nagy and Brad Butler, KeyBank Facilities Construction Manager, said they'd be pleased to use JZ on future jobs. "I don't have my 2014 plan yet," said Butler, "but it looks like there might be a couple of opportunities in that market. We'd like to work with them again."



"She listened to me and knew exactly what I needed. The branch is my customer, and we had to make sure they were happy on a day-to-day basis."

--Carla Paul-Nagy, KeyBank Facilities Construction Manager



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