Sweet Thursday Hooptedoodles
Join us for an 8-week series of lectures, discussion, and song! “Cannery Row Days: Sweet Thursday Hooptedoodles” uses Steinbeck’s short novel, Sweet Thursday, as a jumping off point to dive into Steinbeck’s and Ed Ricketts’ Monterey. The novel, made into a Rogers & Hammerstein musical called Pipe Dream continues the story of Cannery Row and its inhabitants in the years after World War II. Many of the characters are the same, but the ravages of time and the War have changed the Row. Today’s talk by historian Tim Thomas, "Sardines Go to War!" explores Monterey's sardine fishing industry and its impact on World War I and II. Upcoming programs in the series include "Steinbeck Rewrites Ed Ricketts," on Thursday, September 23 with Steinbeck scholar Susan Shillinglaw who will examine the novel and Steinbeck's portrayal of his friend Ed Ricketts, and two talks in October about John Steinbeck's interest in Monterey Bay ecology (October 21 and 28). Other programs explore the Rogers & Hammerstein musical and the Pachuco Band music of the novel.
Programs are on Thursdays at 4:00 pm. Participate on Zoom or by phone. Register at www.monterey.org/library or call (831) 646- 3933 for more information.