January 2016
"A good river is nature's life work in song."

-- Mark Helprin
Congress Passes "Microbead Free Waters Act"
Credit: Flickr: Oregon State University

Believe it or not, in December of 2015 the United States Senate unanimously passed a bill.

This bill, having already been passed in the House, then made its way to the Presidents desk and was signed and enacted on December 28, 2015.

"The Microbead Free Waters Act", sponsored by New Jersey congressman Frank Pallone, inspired bipartisan support at a critical time for our nations fresh and saltwater resources.

What are microbeads?

You've probably noticed them before. They are tiny plastic particles used in soaps -- like the little blue sparkles in certain brands of toothpastes, or the tiny plastic balls used in face washes as exfoliants.

Although they may leave your skin silky-smooth and your teeth fresh and clean, once these microbeads are rinsed down the drain they permanently enter our rivers and oceans. Wastewater treatment plants are not equipped to remove microbeads, and they never break down on their own. Once in the water system, microbeads attract other pollutants, getting dangerous substances to cling to them. Fish then snack on the microbeads, filling their bellies with plastic and pollutants.

The " Microbead Free Waters Act" bans all production of products containing microbeads by 7/1/2017, and bans the sale of products with microbeads by 7/1/2018.

While some loopholes may still be present allowing companies to make semi-natural substitutes, the bill is certainly a step in the right direction.

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 Did you know?
Black Bear Cub. Credit: National News and Pictures

Have you ever talked to a black bear?
By GSWA Volunteer, Jim Northrop
I am a GSWA volunteer.  Last summer we had an early evening meeting.  It was hot and sticky - dusk had come as the meeting adjourned.  As I walked out of the GSWA building toward my car, I noticed a large black object up the hill near the woods.  O.M.G. ---- it was a large black bear sniffing her way toward our garbage cans.  I remembered that the night before, we had been guests here at a GSWA volunteer appreciation party.  Pizza was the main culinary attraction, and discarded pizza boxes (holding a few bits of uneaten pizza crust) would have smelled good even to me!

I froze, and the bear cautiously came closer.  I know that black bears are fast runners, even though they are the largest, wild, land mammal in New Jersey ---- in fact, I am told they can overtake a running deer when they want to.  I did not want to give the bear any cause for attacking me.  I stood frozen and still.

A few steps later the bear stopped, looked at me and said, "I smell pizza.  Can we share?"

By this time I was the only volunteer around ---- the others had gone home.  I wished that someone else was there to assure me that the heat had not made me crazy.  Could this really be a talking bear?!!

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