Banquets, Airplanes, and Sunday School

Banquets, airplanes, and Sunday school. What's the connection, you ask?

Ministry requires creativity and unique partnerships, the ability to not only see a need, but also find the resources to meet the need. A vision to change the world won't change anything if there are no resources.

Part of ECM's vision is the development and strengthening of Sunday School programs in Congo. In order to carry out this vision, as well as facilitate other programs that bring hope to vulnerable kids, ECM uses creative fundraising events such as banquets and fly-ins (see below), bunco parties, 5Ks, and trivia nights.

The truth is, it's not the type of event but the reason for the event that really matters.  In the end, these events exist for only one reason: to provide the resources needed to move forward the mandate God has given us to bring the hope of Jesus to as many kids as possible. 

Thanks for partnering with us in big and little ways - through child sponsorship, supporting fundraisers, purchasing freedom bags and drinking Sipi Falls Coffee. Taken all together, you make it possible for God's love to reach the most remote parts of our world and touch lives in ways you cannot imagine.

Grateful for your partnership,
Executive Director
Did You Know?
People with albinism have skin that is very sensitive to sun exposure. Sunburn is a serious complication because it increases the risk of skin cancer and sun damage-related thickening of the skin. With your support we are able to distribute sun screen to people with albinism within our programs and also hold medical camps where they can receive skin examinations throughout the year!

Thank you so much for your faithful partnership which allows us to help children with albinism in Africa!
Congo Impact Report -
Sunday School Children Learn to Pray
During the Covid pandemic, the Congolese government placed everyone under quarantine. People were largely confined to their homes and were afraid they may be arrested if they ventured far onto the streets.

In Ngaba district, Pastor Mayele of Golgotha Church developed severe back pain, but dared not visit a doctor or even a pharmacy! When two of the nearby Sunday school kids - Mervedi and Messi - heard their pastor was hurting, they hesitantly came to see him. They gently slipped a pillow behind his back, put their hands on his head, and prayed for his healing.

What prompted them to do this? When Mayele asked, Mervedi and Messi both reported that in Sunday school they learned that God answers prayer, even the prayers of little children. So, when their pastor was sick, they felt that of course they should visit him and pray for him. Thank God for every Sunday school that is teaching the Word of God week by week. Thank God also for children who are living out what they are learning!
Prayer and Praise
  • Uganda is under another full lockdown. Pray for businesses that are suffering, families that are struggling with food insecurities, children missing school & their friends, and our staff & missionaries seeking wisdom on how to continue ministry in this difficult situation.

  • Praise! Kevin & Angela Blank have just been accepted to serve in Uganda. They will be serving in the area surrounding their village of Gaba in the Buikwe District. Angela teaches crafts to empower women to care for & support their families. Kevin oversees a teaching & discipleship ministry at the community church.

  • Praise God for beneficial teaching sessions and encouraging talks for Mark, Monica and Board Chair David at the recent CLA (Christian Leadership Alliance) conference. Pray for each to be able to set aside time to process and begin to implement what was learned.
  • For reasons beyond our control, our golf outing planned for August 27 has been postponed. We will inform you later this summer of the new date!
  • The 3rd Annual Fly-in / Drive-in fundraiser is on Saturday, September 11! This event will include fun for the whole family and you won't want to miss it! It will be held at Sojourner Field in Kouts, IN and will include a car show, aircraft display, food, hayrides, camping, and a movie.
  • Save the date for our Fall Banquet coming up on Saturday, November 13. The banquet will be held at Centennial Park in Munster, IN and is $25 per person. The event will also be live streamed online for those who cannot make it in person. More details to follow soon!
Child Sponsorship
Above you've seen some of the ways you've helped. Now, won't you pray about the opportunity to help this or another child who is in need of sponsorship? Simply contact our office for more information, or visit our website to search for one of many other children needing sponsorship.
Grace (10) lives with her mother, who is HIV positive, in a small one room mud house, along with her 4 siblings. They live in absolute poverty, as it is extremely difficult for the mother to care for her, since she is often sick. There is no source of income, other than what the father can make by selling cashew nuts in another town. He is not currently living with the family.

Grace appears to be pretty hopeless, thinking she will never have a good future. She needs a kind sponsor to come alongside her and support her spiritually and financially until the family is in a better condition, or until Grace is able to support herself. Could you be the person to change Grace’s world forever?

Kamwokya, Uganda