The Weekly News
January 10, 2019
Baptism of the Lord
Saturday, January 12, 2019
5:00 pm
Pres ider: Kay Schmitt
Homilist:  Kay Schmitt
Readers: Jenn Reyes-Lay, Sue Self
Eucharistic Ministers: Suzanne Schloemann, Mary Ellen Kruger, Art Maines
Sacristan: Marci Welby
Location: 204 East Lockwood, 63119
Sunday, January 13, 2019
9:00 am
Presider:  Kay Schmitt
Homilist:  Kay Schmitt
Sacristan: Kathy Krishon
Location:  Mead Center, 1 7 Selma Avenue, 63119
Film and Discussion

Mark your calendars!…January 26, 6:30 pm (after Mass) for a presentation on why drug prices are so high and discussion on why Medicare for All is the best route for US healthcare. Pizza, salad and drinks provided.

Dr. Weisbart will present . He is Chair of the Missouri Chapter of PNHP, Physicians for a National Health Program,   and a family medicine physician who retired in 2010 as Chief Medical Officer at Express Scripts and is now a volunteer assistant professor at Washington University in St Louis. 

The film Big Pharma: Market Failure  will be shown unpacking why drug costs are so high,   followed by a presentation on healthcare in America today and how Medicare for All is the best way forward to give all Americans good, quality healthcare in a financially prudent manner. He also will explore many of the myths and facts of US healthcare and explains how America's healthcare compares to other industrialized nations.  Movie and presentation will last one hour.
To help in ordering the right number of pizzas…..please RSVP to: Tom Flanagan, 314.239.3724 or
Parish Tithing

As a parish, we donate 10% of our collections to worthy causes. We do this as an act of faith, trusting that, in doing this, we will still be able to meet our financial needs.
We are inviting nominations for grant recipients be submitted no later than January 31 to Marilyn Tenholder in writing or [ ]. This information will be compiled and as a community we will vote to select recipients. Voting will happen during March and grants awarded in April. This process happens on a regular schedule twice each year. A complete copy of the Tithing System document is available at [ ].
Nominating Criteria and Process

  • All nominations to be submitted either in email or in writing.
  • Nominations to be limited to 501(c)(3) entities, provided however that if the entity is a church or religious order, it is preferred that the nomination and subsequent grant (if approved) be specifically designated for ministries under the umbrella of that church or religious order.
  • Nominations to include the name of the entity, its website if it has one, the contact person and address, two sentences describing the mission of the entity, one sentence describing why that entity is being nominated, and the amount of the suggested grant (the minimum grant amount is $100 and the maximum grant amount is $1,000).
  • Nominations will not be accepted for entities whose mission or work conflicts with the values of the Sts. Clare and Francis Community.
  • SCF members who hold a position of being able to direct or control donated funds (such as an officer, director, etc.) in an entity are ineligible to nominate such entity.
  • Nominations that do not provide all of the requested information (identified above) and/or not meeting these criteria will not be accepted.

Please note:  If you submit your nomination with a valid email address, you will receive an email within 24 hours, confirming that it was received. If you do not receive this confirming email from Marilyn (or if you don’t use email), please call her at  314.322.8520 .
Help Needed to Provide Care through the Matthew 25 Fund

We need a person or two who would be willing to help with assisting those in our community who are in need through the Matthew 25 Fund. The fund takes its name from that part of Matthew’s gospel where people ask, “Lord, when did we see you thirsty or hungry or naked or a stranger.” Over the years people in our community have needed their basic needs met; and other members of the community have helped out through this fund. We have already been asking for contributions to help replenish this fund (see below). Now we are asking for a person or two who would be willing to assist Peggy Montgomery and myself in doing the work of interacting with those in need. If this seems like a way you would like to contribute, please let me know at .  
Matthew 25 Fund Needs Replenishment
The Matthew 25 Fund helps SCF members who need financial assistance. All information concerning the people with whom we work is held in the strictest confidence. This fund needs to be replenished. If you would like to contribute to this fund, make your check payable to Sts. Clare & Francis, write “Matthew 25” in the memo line, and place it in the collection basket. “All who believed were together and had all things in common; they would sell their possessions and goods and distribute the proceeds to all, as any had need.” (Acts 3:44)
Sacristans Assistance Needed - Update

If you are interested in serving as a sacristan on either Saturday or Sunday, we would love for you to join us! The work is not difficult and one of the current sacristans would train you. Plus, there are always people at Mass who are willing to assist in putting things away. 

Peace has offered to facilitate the movement of furniture on Saturdays, so the "heavy lifting" for that date has been significantly reduced. If that was holding you back from volunteering in this ministry, then it is no longer an issue!

Please contact Kathy Grewe at  or 314.894.7101 or Mary Vonderheide at  or 314.805.2087 if you would like to serve as a sacristan on either day. Your assistance would be sincerely appreciated.

Hear the homily by Jim Schratz from January 5:

Audio recordings of some homilies can be found here .

The text of older archived homilies can be found here .
  random sightings
In my hurry, I often
forget that You desire

to seek those who
have gone astray

even me, and that
my work is to free

myself of myself,
so that You can be

born in me, and so
your joy in seeking

meets my joy in
having been found.

Meister Eckhart
Sponsored by Friends...

The Body's Wisdom - A One Day Retreat
Saturday, January 12, 2019
9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Early Bird $70 until January 1, $85 after January 1

Tap into vision and create intention for 2019 by tuning into and honoring your embodied intelligence.

  • learn embodied ways to pray
  • receive guidance on feeling the body’s needs and tuning into the body’s ever-available wisdom
  • learn how to regularly tune into this body wisdom
  • create a vision board for 2019, based on a day of tuning into the body’s way

This one-day retreat is an experience of embodied spirituality that will help you gain vision and set intention for the new year, just by coming into yourself. We often go about these transition times from a place of intellect or thinking, but what might happen if we tap into a different wisdom way, the way of the body? The body carries deep wisdom and sacred intelligence, woven into the very fabric of our sensate being. When we move, invite sensation and physical feeling, we gain insight we might not receive otherwise. During this retreat, we’ll dive into some simple embodied prayer and self-care practices that you can incorporate into your daily life. We’ll open to a gentle weaving of the body and soul, and from this place, allow vision for this new year to emerge.

No prior experience of structured movement (like yoga or dance) is required. Just come with a willingness to try something new. Wear comfortable clothing suitable for movement and layers for the outdoors. If you have art supplies you love, and old magazines that might be ready to be cut up and put to good use, please bring those! Please also bring a sack lunch– you will have access to the fridge if you need it. There are a few places to grab lunch within a short driving distance as well. We will have about an hour lunch break.

Peace Tree believes that quality spiritual programming should be accessible to all. Inquire about scholarships at .

Month of Grace + Prayer:
An Ecumenical Retreat in Everyday Life
Meet one-on-one with a spiritual companion one hour each week for four consecutive weeks. Morning, afternoon and evening meeting times available (on Tuesdays). Starts January 13. Meetings will be held at First Congregational Church of Webster Groves and Webster Groves Presbyterian Church. For more information, or to register, visit or contact Clarence Heller at 314.258.9066 or .


Tree House
Listening to God in Our Dreams
Saturday, January 19, 2019
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sts. Clare & Francis ECC
204 West Lockwood

Click here for a flyer with more information.

Prayer Circles  
First Wednesday of the month
1:00 - 2:30 pm
Sts. Clare & Francis Ecumenical Catholic Community
204 E. Lockwood Avenue
Webster Groves, 63119

Third Wednesday of the month
1:00 - 2:30 pm
Library Headquarters
East Room
St. Louis County Library
1640 S. Lindbergh Boulevard
Frontenac, MO 63131
Parish Council

To see Parish Council meeting minutes or the Parish Constitution and Bylaws, click the appropriate link:

(click name to contact by e-mail)

Sue Self , Chair
Claire Bruner Wiltse,, Vice-Chair

The monthly meetings of the Parish Council are open to all SCF members. The Council meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:45 pm in one of the Peace UCC classrooms. If you have a question for the Parish Council or just want to learn how it operates, you are encouraged to attend a meeting.
Finance Committee

(click name to contact by e-mail) :

Jim Schneider Chair
Prayer List
The Sts. Clare & Francis Prayer list is available for you to share prayer requests from you to your sisters and brothers who are walking this faith journey with you. Praying for one another when there are specific needs is one of the greatest ministries we can provide to one another. But, we cannot pray for events and happenings that we do not know about. Please share your prayers requests with the community. You can be as specific or general as you would like. Contact Jim Schratz with all prayer requests.
Caring Ministry
The Caring Ministry at Sts. Clare & Francis brings the loving presence of God, through a caring companion on the journey, when life is difficult. When we find ourselves struggling with illness, grief, depression, relationships, stress, the Caring Ministry is a supportive and listening presence - not counseling or problem solving. Don't go it alone; contact Sue Self or one of our priests to find out more, and see if it's a fit for you. We want to care for you.
  All Saints ECC
Our Mission Church
We meet at:
Trinity United Church of Christ
47 North Douglas Avenue
Belleville, IL 62220
Our Metro East ECC Mission Church meets every Sunday at 9:30 am. 
Our chapel is in the lower level of Trinity UCC.
Directions from St. Louis: 
Hwy. 64 East to Exit 12; 
RIGHT onto #159/IL St. Continue 5 miles to Douglas Ave.
(railroad crossing)
LEFT on Douglas Ave. to church.
For information, contact:
Rev. Frank Krebs (314.740.1160) or Rev. Kay Schmitt (314.620.9511). Contact Kay if you wish to ride with her.
All are welcome.
General Info

Want to get connected and involved? Start by taking a look at our  Ministries Brochure  or check out our website at
The Parish Office  is located at Eden Theological Seminary, 483 East Lockwood, Suite 3, St. Louis, MO 63119.  
Frank  or Jim are available for appointments. You can also reach Frank at 314.740.1160 or Jim at 314.896.0125.
To Schedule Meetings at Peace UCC:
Contact Kelly, the church secretary, to get it on their calendar.   
Matthew 25
The Matthew 25 Fund helps members in our community who need financial assistance. All information concerning the people with whom we work is held in the strictest confidence. If you would like to contribute to this fund, make your check payable to Matthew 25, and place it in the collection basket. If you need assistance from the fund, contact  Peggy Montgomery
We have a SafeChurch Policy to protect our children and other vulnerable populations .
The Sts. Clare & Francis
Lands’ End Store
In partnership with Lands’ End, you can now purchase clothing and other items embroidered with the Sts. Clare & Francis logo (below). Just follow the link above. If you have any questions, please contact .  

Please keep our Schnucks E-Scrip fund raiser in mind when you shop. If you don't already have an E-Scrip card, please call Marilyn Tenholder (314.323.1467) and she will get one to you. There is no charge and all you have to do is activate it by either a phone call or by going online. Simply show the card when you check out and a percentage of your purchase cost will be rebated back to Sts. Clare & Francis. Thank you!!
Sts. Clare & Francis offers information about other organizations and activities that we feel is useful or relevant to our members and to the public. As an Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) organization, Sts. Clare & Francis is required to abide by certain rules. Sts. Clare & Francis is prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. Sts. Clare & Francis is also prohibited from devoting a substantial part of its activities to attempting to influence legislation. As a result of these rules, we do not specifically endorse these organizations or activities nor do they specifically represent the views of Sts. Clare & Francis, to the extent that doing so would jeopardize Sts. Clare & Francis' standing as a Section 501(c)(3) organization.
If you have an item that you wish to submit for publication in the Weekly News, please send it to Steve Campbell  no later than noon on Wednesday of the week you would like it to appear. If you cannot send an e-mail, you may call or text Steve at 314.603.9991.
Sts. Clare & Francis ECC
Church : 204 East Lockwood Avenue | St. Louis | MO|63119
Office : 483 East Lockwood Ave. | Suite 3 | St. Louis | MO | 63119