The Baptism of Christ. St Laurence
The Baptism of Christ. St Laurence

Dear friends,
This Sunday we celebrate the Baptism of Christ, which marks both an identity defining moment (God's claim upon Jesus as Beloved) and the beginning of Jesus' public ministry.

Thus, it is an ideal moment for reflecting upon the beginnings of our own Christian identity in the sacrament of baptism, and upon our calling to service as expressed in our baptismal vows.
How does this baptismal identity, and the vows we repeat each year, shape our lives?
In "Contemplating our 'One Wild and Precious Life'", Victoria Garvey reminds us that "We matter. Our lives matter. Our lives in Christ matter." She invites us to reflection: "Where and when have our lives seemed to have been most in tune with those vows, and where and when not and why? How do these vows make sense in the mystery of your life that is still undiscovered territory?"
How might those vows take on new meaning in the era of COVID-19, when the church cannot meet physically, and has been dispersed into the world in a new way?
(If you would like a reminder as to the content of our baptismal vows, you can follow this link:)
Thank you to Spencer Stevens for the lessons & Carol Gardiner for the prayers. 
Diocese Suspends All In-Person Worship
Due to rising COVID cases the Diocese has suspended all in-person worship until further notice.  As such we will no longer be offering Tuesday Eucharists or Thursday contemplative prayer. 

Readers and Leaders of the Prayers of the People
Our Sunday worship services are the work of the St. Laurence community; readers and leaders of the Prayers of the People are needed for each celebration. Beginning on December 14th, you are invited to sign up online to participate in the Sunday services in 2021.
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Recruiting Parish Council Members - This is the time of year when we are recruiting new parish council members. If you are interested, please contact Jane at 403-249-6184 or by email.

Annual General Meeting will be held Sunday, February 28th after the service via Zoom. 

The deadline to submit articles for the Annual Report is January 31st. Please submit all articles to Kelly

With every blessing to you and your family as we begin 2021.