Thank you for joining us this week as we at the Baptist World Alliance pray for our worldwide Baptist family and for God's work around the globe. If you pray along with us weekly, you will pray for every country in the world each year!

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Burkina Faso

1 BWA Member Body
Union of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Burkina Faso
  • 60 Churches
  • 3,000 Members

Pictured is a gathering of Bon Berger Baptist Church in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. 
Bon Berger Baptist Church in Ouagadougou
Join us in thanking God for the humanitarian efforts to improve food security and livelihoods, especially for women.

Almost half of the country's 17 million residents live below the poverty line with an unemployment rate over 75%. Join us in asking for God's provision to help the Church respond to those in need.


1 BWA Member Body
Baptist Evangelical Church of Chad
  • 5 Churches
  • 121 Members

Zakouma National Park is one of the last remaining intact Sudano-Sahelian ecosystems in Africa.
Join us in thanking God for the rich diversity of this region, which includes 200 ethnic groups and 120 different languages and dialects.
Join us in prayer for the work of the convention and its churches as they serve in the midst of grief after the death of several key leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Please also join us in prayer for the people of Mali, Mauritania, and Niger.
The last few weeks have been incredibly challenging for so many around the world. Please join us in prayer for:

  • Haiti: Already facing political unrest, the people of Haiti are now fighting to recover from a 7.2-magnitude earthquake last week that claimed the lives of 1,400+ people and injured thousands more. With forecasts also predicting that Haiti is in the path of an approaching tropical depression, there is a great need for prayer. Please join us in prayer for our brothers and sisters seeking to minister in the midst of these challenges.
  • Afghanistan: With the collapse of the government, violence has escalated and many people have been left stranded with no means to leave the country. Pray for protection for the people, specifically pastors and ministry leaders whose lives are being threatened.
  • Cuba: The people of Cuba continue to face a scarcity of resources, including food and medicine. Pray for doors to open to get these much-needed supplies to those in need.
  • Lebanon: A year removed from the Beirut explosion, challenges continue for the people of Lebanon. Medicine, power, gasoline, and basic food items like bread are scarce. Internet providers are rapidly ending services, leaving many without a means to contact the outside world. Please join us in prayer for our Baptist sisters and brothers in the area who are serving faithfully in the face of such great challenge.
  • COVID-19: The Delta variant is spreading rapidly with deaths rising to more than 4 million worldwide. Please pray for the many who have been impacted by this pandemic, specifically those who are grieving the death of loved ones and those who are currently battling a COVID diagnosis. Join us also in prayer for BWAid Director Marsha Scipio as she coordinates with leaders across the globe to continue BWAid's response to the pandemic.

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Please join us in prayer for Elijah as he speaks on Thursday, August 19, at an event in Midland, Texas (USA), related to persecution around the world and over the weekend as he is in Germany visiting areas and churches that were impacted by the recent floods. Pray for protection as he travels and for anointing as he preaches.
Prayer for Mali, Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso and Mauritania

God, our Father, we bless you
for the gift of life that you grant us,
that strength of faith,
so fragile and so powerful,
which is nourished by the assurance of your love.
We pray to you, Lord,
for the sustenance of life for the people of these five countries,
Mali, Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso and Mauritania.
Stir up the strength and courage of all those who are engaged
in lifting these countries out of poverty.

(Prières pour le monde 2004 © Fédération protestante de France, Paris, France. English transl. Terry MacArthur,
© 2005 WCC)