We are grateful for your prayers!
Thank you for joining us this week as we at the Baptist World Alliance pray for our worldwide Baptist family and for God's work around the globe. If you pray along with us weekly, you will be able to pray for the entire world each year!

1 Member Body
Union of Baptists in Belgium
  • 30 Churches
  • 1,532 Members

Pictured is the famous flower carpet at Grand-Place, the central square in Brussels.
Join us in giving thanks for the creative solutions to environmental, economic, and cultural challenges that have arisen from this region.

Join us in prayer for the opportunity to equip and deploy additional pastors to disciple young Christians.


1 Member Body
Union of Baptist Churches in the Netherlands
  • 81 Churches
  • 10,080 Members

Pictured is a time of worship from the 2009 BWA Annual Gathering in Ede.
Join us in giving thanks for the historically deep Christian roots and long-standing faith in this nation.
Join us in prayer for the leadership of the International Baptist Theological Study Centre (IBTS Centre) in Amsterdam and their calling to equip ministers across Europe and around the world.
Join us also in praying for the people of Luxembourg and open doors to share the Gospel.
We invite you to join with General Secretary Elijah Brown and the global Baptist family in honoring the life of Paul Montacute, a faithful member of the BWA staff for more than 20 years, who passed away Thursday, February 20. Both in his roles as Director of the BWA Youth Department and as Director of Baptist World Aid, he made an impact on lives around the world.

"I am deeply grateful for the partnership Paul immediately offered when I first started attending BWA meetings 15 years ago. Since then he and his wife Judith have been consistent encouragers," said Brown. "As I visited with Judith last week, she noted how much the prayers from friends around the world meant to her and the family during this time. The Baptist world has lost a true champion of the faith."   To find out more about his incredible legacy or to share a tribute with the family, visit  bit.ly/Honoring-Paul .
Join us also in prayer for the entire Executive Committee as they gather in Falls Church, Virginia, USA next week for prayer, planning, and fellowship. Pray for traveling mercies, protection of health, and fruitfulness for the time together.
Prayer for Faith, Hope, and Love

Let us pray for Faith:
That it will be the fruit of right hearing.
That at all times there will be people
with an open mind and open ears
who will listen sharply to your word
and pay attention to the needs around them.
We pray:
Let us be such people. 

Let us pray for Hope:
That it will be the fruit of a living faith.
That at all times there will be people
growing towards the light,
continuously filled with courage and never cease being hopeful.
We pray:
Let us be such people. 

Let us pray for Love:
That she is the fruit of a living faith and hope.
That at all times there will be people
never giving up being alarmed
about the continuing existence of the earth:
The care for animals and entire environment
that lend assistance in friendship,
that abolish loneliness,
that help working out sorrow and grieve,
that show sympathy with joy. 

We pray to you, O Lord.
Let us recognize one another
in deeds of faith, hope and above all through love.

Rev. Pieter Post)