Thank you for joining us this week as we at the Baptist World Alliance pray for our worldwide Baptist family and for God's work around the globe. If you pray along with us weekly, you will pray for every country in the world each year!

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Democratic Republic of Congo

12 BWA Member Bodies
Baptist Church of Congo
  • 85 Churches
  • 15,285 Members
Baptist Community in Central Africa
  • 687 Churches
  • 183,524 Members
Baptist Community of the Congo River
  • 2,601 Churches
  • 1,717,688 Members
Baptist Community of the Faithful in Africa
  • 385 Churches
  • 43,624 Members
Baptist Community of Western Congo
  • 966 Churches
  • 1,050,000 Members
Baptist Evangelical Convention of Congo
  • 25 Churches
  • 3,413 Members
Community of Autonomous Baptist Churches Wamba-Bakali
  • 140 Churches
  • 45,600 Members
Community of Baptist Churches of Eastern Congo
  • 482 Churches
  • 102,843 Members
Community of Baptist Churches in North Congo
  • 371 Churches
  • 38,254 Members
Community of Baptist Churches Union of Congo
  • 372 Churches
  • 46,321 Members
Community of United Baptist Churches
  • 59 Churches
  • 27,000 Members
Union of Baptist Churches of Congo
  • 247 Churches
  • 23,857 Members
Pictured are attendees from the Baptist World Aid Conference in 2004.
Congolese women praise God after receiving BWAid resources.
Join us in thanking God for BWAid grants sent earlier this year in response to COVID-19. The grants helped provide masks, hygiene kits, and health education.

Join us in prayer for an end to poverty and hunger and improved access to quality health services.

4 BWA Member Bodies
Association of Baptist Churches in Rwanda
  • 210 Churches
  • 57,015 Members
Community of Christian Churches in Africa
  • 204 Churches
  • 55,518 Members
Reformed Baptist Churches in Rwanda
  • 147 Churches
  • 647,369 Members
Union of Baptist Churches in Rwanda
  • 120 Churches
  • 257,613 Members
Pictured is Corneille Gato Munyamasoko receiving the 2015 BWA Congress Human Rights Award. Photo Credit: Cliff Vaughn
Join us in thanking God for leaders like Corneille Gato Munyamasoko, recipient of the 2015 BWA Congress Human Rights Award. We give thanks for his dedication to peace and reconciliation as well as his efforts to fight the stigmas associated with HIV and AIDS.
Earlier this year, BWAid grants were sent to provide much needed water and food for the most vulnerable in the region. Join us in praying for continued opportunities for Gospel witness with the hundreds who were impacted.
The number of COVID-19 cases has risen to more than 13 million around the world. While these numbers are staggering, they are also deeply personal to each person who has lost a loved one, serves on the frontlines of care, or is battling the disease themselves. 

We are sad to share that another Baptist leader has passed away as a result of the coronavirus. Rev. Kap Khan of Tulsa, Oklahoma, helped found the Zomi Baptist Church of America (ZBCA) and served as a Vice President within the convention. Please join us in prayer for his family, the ZBCA, the broader Myanmar Baptist family and the many around the world who continue to be impacted by this global pandemic.
Please join me in prayer as we make final preparations for our first Virtual General Council meeting that will take place July 21-23, 2020. Pray for our global leaders as we discuss and vote on essential BWA business and celebrate the beginning of a new quinquennium.

I was also honored to be part of BWA Women's Officer Transition Ceremony last week. Please join me in giving thanks for the faithful service of President Ksenija Magda and Secretary Treasurer Kathy James. Join me also in welcoming incoming President Karen Wilson of Australia and Secretary Treasurer Sherrie Cherdak from the USA. May we stand together faithfully in prayer for these new leaders. Click below to read a special commissioning prayer from the ceremony or to watch the service on our YouTube Channel.
A Prayer from Democratic Republic of Congo

Lord, you call on us to pray for our enemies.
Have mercy on those who are disposed to do us evil
and who divide your church.
Deliver us, Lord, from every temptation.
Have mercy on our lack of belief and our wavering faith
as we travel the path towards the unity of your people.
You are our God and we want always to be your people
under the guidance of your Holy Spirit.