Thank you for joining us this week as we at the Baptist World Alliance pray for our worldwide Baptist family and for God's work around the globe. If you pray along with us weekly, you will pray for every country in the world each year!

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1 BWA Member Body
Baptist Convention of Namibia
  • 45 Churches
  • 8,849 Members

General Secretary Emeritus Neville Callam is pictured during a visit to Namibia. In remembering the visit, Callam says, "I remember the Baptist Convention of Namibia...and what they did at a meeting I attended with them when they demonstrated their concern for the underprivileged among them — the poor and the weak — and mobilized the small community they have to pool resources to alleviate need among the very poor in the community. The power of the Gospel and that spiritual yearning to be the face of Christ to the people in great need – that struck me very powerfully."
Join us in thanking God for the beauty of this nation, its people, and the religious freedom they now enjoy. We also give thanks for the leadership of the Baptist Convention of Namibia.
Join us in prayer for the Baptist Convention who is utilizing funds from a Baptist World Aid emergency grant to provide food to 1,400 people who have lost their jobs and are facing difficulties.

South Africa

4 BWA Member Bodies
Baptist Association of South Africa
  • 25 Churches
  • 2,000 Members
Baptist Convention of South Africa
  • 176 Churches
  • 29,800 Members
Baptist Mission of South Africa
  • 10 Churches
  • 900 Members
Baptist Union of South Africa
  • 562 Churches
  • 36,711 Members
General Secretary Elijah Brown visited South Africa last May, including a time of worship with Langa Baptist Church in Cape Town pictured above. To learn more about the trip, check out this video update .
Join us in thanking God for the leadership of BWA President Paul Msiza who will conclude his presidency in July after five faithful years of service. We also celebrate with Grahamstown Baptist Church, the first Baptist Church in South Africa, which will celebrate its 200th anniversary this year. 
Join us in prayer for continued growth of the many missional efforts of churches within South Africa and for blessings on their collaborative work with other nations in Africa and beyond. We also pray for church leaders as they prayerfully re-open church facilities for worship this week.
Please join us in prayer also for the people of Lesotho and Eswatini.
Thousands joined together in worship from more than 75 countries around the world on May 29-30. We are so thankful for each person who was part of "Standing Together at Pentecost" and we invite you to continue with us in this global movement. Sign up at to express your commitment and then click the buttons below to watch the services on the BWA YouTube Channel. Each service features praise, prayer, and ministry updates from Baptists leaders across the globe.
Join General Scretary Elijah Brown in praying for ministers and church leaders who are working to lead their church into new worship realities, creating safe spaces for in-person public worship, and providing help to their local community. Pray for churches who have lost members as they provide support and care. Pray for those striving to provide new opportunities for children and youth and that God would use this season to bring a spiritual revival.
A Prayer for Healing

How wonderful it is, how pleasant,
to be healed of the corrosive disease of racism and separation;
and to live as your people together in harmony.
Your Spirit will then fill the hearts and the minds of all people.
Nobody will be judged any more on the basis of race or colour;
but all will be ruled with justice and integrity.
The war will end and the people together will rebuild the country.
There will be no reference to the colour of the skin,
for all will be regarded as the people of God,
the people created in your image.
And this will be the beginning of what you have promised –
the life that never ends.

( © South Africa Council of Churches, Marshalltown, South Africa. )