Thank you for joining us this week as we at the Baptist World Alliance pray for our global Baptist family and for God's work around the world. If you pray along with us weekly, you will pray for every country in the world each year!

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1 BWA Member Body
Malaysia Baptist Convention
  • 188 Churches
  • 30,301 Members

BWA General Secretary Elijah Brown and Director of Global Events and Fellowship Carolina Mangieri visited Malaysia in January, which included the opportunity for Rev. Brown to preach at Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church.
We give thanks for former BWA Vice President John Kok who will also serve as a speaker at the upcoming virtual Baptist World Congress in July 2021.
A BWAid emergency grant was distributed to the convention earlier this year in response to COVID-19. We pray for continued impact from these resources and for Malaysian leaders as they continue to serve those most affected by this pandemic.


1 BWA Member Body
Singapore Baptist Convention
  • 37 Churches
  • 10,000 Members

Singapore Baptists welcomed more than 2,000 delegates from 64 countries at the last Baptist World Youth Conference in July 2013.
We give thanks for the leadership of Edwin Lam, President of Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF) and BWA Executive Committee member.
We join in prayer for churches seeking to minister in innovative ways as they respond to the challenges of COVID-19.
We also join us in prayer this week for the people of Brunei.
The Baptist World Alliance is transitioning the 22nd Baptist World Congress to a fully virtual event on July 7-10, 2021. This decision was made in prayerful response to the COVID-19 global pandemic and as a result of collaborative discussions with global Baptist leaders. The BWA staff and global Congress leadership are committed to offering a virtual event that builds upon the years of strong planning already invested, ensuring that returning attendees and newcomers alike experience the meaningfulness of this gathering. 

"After this unprecedented season of physical isolation, we need the encouragement of our Baptist sisters and brothers more than ever," said Carolina Mangieri, BWA Director of Global Events and Fellowship. "I am prayerful that this transition will enable more people than ever before to experience the beautiful unity amidst diversity of our global Baptist family."
As those in the USA celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday this week, General Secretary Elijah Brown invites you to join him in giving thanks for the global Baptist family. Through the many challenges of this year, Baptists worldwide have stood together in prayer, worship, mission, and giving.
A Prayer from Singapore

O God,
keep our churches faithful in bearing witness to your great love for all humanity.
Deliver us from intolerance and all that hinder others from seeking you.
Bless our country and guide our political leaders so that their fruit may abound
and the interest of the people is served.
Grant grace to our priests, pastors and ministers so that they may be diligent in the study of your Word and in the discharge of the work they have been called.
(Lee K. Tham, Singapore)