Thank you for joining us this week as we at the Baptist World Alliance pray for our global Baptist family and for God's work around the world. If you pray along with us weekly, you will pray for every country in the world each year!

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2 BWA Member Bodies
Baptist Convention of Bolivia
  • 68 Churches
  • 20,761 Members
Bolivian Baptist Union
  • 267 Churches
  • 50,580 Members

Pictured is the Baptist Convention of Bolivia's 70th anniversary celebration in 2017.
We give thanks for the ministry of the Brazilian Bolivian Baptist School and their utilization of new learning modalities at this time when schools have physically closed in Bolivia.
Join us in prayer for the national elections taking place on October 18 and for economic revitalization to provide jobs for the many who lost jobs during quarantine. We pray for protection for the churches that have resumed in-person services. We also pray for provision for the pastors and missionaries who are not receiving full salaries due to the economic challenges caused by the pandemic.


3 BWA Member Bodies
Brazilian Baptist Convention
  • 9,018 Churches
  • 1,790,227 Members
Convention of Independent Baptist Churches
  • 600 Churches
  • 45,000 Members
National Baptist Convention
  • 2,713 Churches
  • 400,807 Members
Pictured is General Secretary Emeritus Denton Lotz preaching at the Brazilian Baptist Convention in 2006.
We give thanks for global Baptist leaders in Brazil, including BWA Vice President Fernando Macedo Brandão. We also give thanks for God's healing work in the life of Brazilian Baptist Convention Executive Director Socrates Oliveira de Souza who was gravely ill earlier this year.

Please join us in prayer for government authorities as they make difficult decisions during this challenging time. Pray for the ministry of churches and for healing for the many who are battling COVID-19. Pray for Baptist leaders in Brazil as they continue to seek ways to advance God's mission.


2 BWA Member Bodies
National Baptist Convention of Chile
  • 50 Churches
  • 2,650 Members
Union of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Chile
  • 531 Churches
  • 25,737 Members

Pictured is General Secretary Emeritus Neville Callam in 2011 with leaders of BWA's two member bodies in Chile.
We give thanks for Baptist leadership who continue to play an important role alongside others in pressing for important constitutional changes that strengthen human rights and justice across the country. Stemming from this work, there will be an October plebiscite centered on a new Constitution.
Join us in prayer for pastors who are striving to meet the needs of their congregations in the midst of the pandemic. Pray for God's provision for local churches who have repurposed their facilities as temporary shelters for the homeless and those who have been unable to travel home due to restrictions. Pray for consolation for the families who have lost relatives to the coronavirus as well as those who are still in poor health and require spiritual support.


1 BWA Member Body
Baptist Evangelical Convention of Peru
  • 166 Churches
  • 14,000 Members

Pictured is Union of Baptists in Latin America (UBLA) Executive Director Parrish Jácome Hernández with Latin American leaders at an UBLA Congress in Peru.
Join us in thanking God for the growing number of churches and believers in Peru and for the religious freedom they are afforded.
Please join us in prayer for a new generation of pastors to rise up and respond to God's call. Pray for Baptist churches to gain relevance and influence within society and for God to give wisdom for discipleship strategies that will impact communities and the nation.
Hurricane Sally
Last week Hurricane Sally hit the USA's Gulf Coast, greatly impacting the states of Alabama and Florida and leaving hundreds of thousands without power. Pictured is damage to the steeple of El Primitive Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama. Please join us in prayer for all who have been impacted by this storm and for those assisting with recovery efforts.
Photo Credit: Armondo Moralez, WKRN
This year we honor 100 years of ministry through Baptist World Aid (BWAid). We are prayerfully entering the next phase of growth for this ministry and are accepting applications for the Director of BWAid. Would you pray for this search process – that God would bring the right person to serve at such a time as this?
A Prayer from Brazil

And the waters will flow from your altar, Lord
and flood the earth.
And we will be like a garden watered,
cared for,
exposed to life. 

Oh! let these waters come,
impetuous and pure,
and destroy the powers
and clean the paths
which my people will take,
singing and rejoicing
in an endless celebration,
the Word, Life, Freedom
and the Resurrection! 

And the waters will flow from your altar, Lord,
and clean away the debris
and we will have courage to act,
to serve,
to change the world. 

And the waters will flow from your altar, Lord,
life will be rekindled,
and we will see the new creation,
act of your love.

(Simei Monteiro, Geneva, Switzerland. English transl. Colleen Reeks.Whole Life, Holy Life, Ernesto Cardoso, ISER, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.)