We are grateful for your prayers!
Thank you for joining us this week as we at the Baptist World Alliance pray for our worldwide Baptist family and for God's work around the globe. If you pray along with us weekly, you will be able to pray for every part of the world each year!

1 Member Body
Colombian Baptist Denomination
  • 245 Churches
  • 18,464 Members

Tayrona National Park is a large protected area known for its palm-shaded coves, coastal lagoons, rainforest, and rich biodiversity.
Join us in thanking God for the leadership of Noemi Janson Lidak, President of the Colombian Baptist Denomination, and BWA Vice President-Elect for the 2020-2025 term. We also praise God for the Colombian commitment to mission and church planting based on their identification of numerous strategic planting sites.

Please pray for those impacted by drug trafficking-related issues and for those struggling to find sustainable employment.


1 Member Body
Baptist Convention of Ecuador
  • 229 Churches
  • 28,500 Members

Parrish Jácome Hernández, BWA Regional Secretary of the Union of Baptists in Latin America, presented a ministry update to the General Council at this year's BWA Annual Gathering in Nassau, The Bahamas.
Join us in thanking God for the leadership of Parrish Jácome Hernández. We also give thanks for the success of evangelism efforts with the Quichua people.

Please join us in praying for economic stability and educational resources for the 35% of the population living in poverty.

1 Member Body
National Baptist Convention of Venezuela
  • 563 Churches
  • 60,200 Members

General Secretary Elijah Brown and Baptist World Alliance Forum for Aid and Development Facilitator Rachel Conway-Doel traveled to the Venezuelan border earlier this year to minister to refugee families who have fled to the border in hopes of finding employment and economic stability.
Join us in thanking God for the release of falsely imprisoned Gregory José Pérez, Executive Director of the National Baptist Youth Union of Venezuela, earlier this year. We also give thanks for the ministry of 101 missionaries throughout the country who planted 32 churches last year, bringing help and hope to those in need.

Join us in praying for stability within the government, the educational system, and the economy during this season of significant economic downturn. Pray also for the resources to effectively minister to the many families fleeing to neighboring nations as refugees. To find out more, watch this video from General Secretary Elijah Brown during his visit to the area earlier this year.
We are thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the European Baptist Federation Council in Scotland last week.

General Secretary Elijah Brown attended and shared a special invitation to participate in the Baptist World Congress in 2020 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Find out more about Congress at BWA2020.org .
Pray for Rev. Dr. Elijah Brown as he participates in the North American Baptist Fellowship Annual Gathering taking place October 1-2 at the BWA Office in Falls Church, Virginia, USA.
A Prayer of Faith

God of love, we believe that you are our hope.
God of love, we believe that you have called us to work for peace. 
God of love, we believe that your Holy Spirit is breathing new 
life into our communities, churches and nations.    
God of love, we believe that you make it possible for light to shine upon all who suffer in our world.
God of love, we believe that you are speaking to the world’s peoples in all their differences, turning those differences into opportunities to build a new world.
God of love, we believe that you speak to the world’s peoples in all life’s situations, in the midst of our social, religious, political and economic life, in order to bring us hope. 
God of love, we believe that you are calling all peoples and nations today to work together for change wherever there is pain and suffering in our world.
God of love, we believe that you are our hope. Amen.

( © Rev. Adelaida Jiménez, Colombia )