Thank you for joining us this week as we at the Baptist World Alliance pray for our worldwide Baptist family and for God's work around the globe. If you pray along with us weekly, you will pray for every country in the world each year!

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1 BWA Member Body
Union of Protestant Baptist Churches in Benin
  • 359 Churches
  • 10,884 Members

Pictured is a presentation from a local ministry for orphaned and abandoned children.
Orphans Center Project in Benin
Join us in giving thanks for the democratic government and in prayer for protection from corruption in order to ensure a stable future for the nation.
Join us in prayer for an end to the poverty and corruption that contribute to child trafficking of more than 50,000 children each year.

Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

1 BWA Member Body
Union of Baptist Missionary Churches in Ivory Coast
  • 300 Churches
  • 15,000 Members

Pictured is a meal ministry for those impacted by flooding.
Join us in thanking God for the beauty of creation and the diversity of people within this nation known as the "Jewel of West Africa."

Join us in praying for opportunities to share the Gospel with unreached areas in the northern parts of the country.


1 BWA Member Body
Togo Baptist Convention
  • 535 Churches
  • 22,748 Members

Pictured from left is Koffi Kpomgbe from Togo, Brickson Sam, and former BWA Youth Department Director Emmett Dunn.
Join us in giving thanks for Baptist leaders in Togo, including Koffi Kpomgbe who currently serves as the area director for BWA Horizons Africa.
Malaria is the leading cause of death in the nation. Join us in prayer for effective and affordable healthcare.
The Caribbean Baptist Fellowship (CBF) held a virtual prayer service on Saturday, September 4, to stand together in prayer for Haiti and other territories facing disasters. Please continue to join with BWA and CBF leaders in prayer at this crucial time. The immediate needs are significant in addition to what is needed for long-term recovery. BWAid continues to mobilize relief efforts through your faithful support. Find out more at
This week the European Baptist Federation (EBF) – one of the BWA's six regional fellowships – announced that Alan Donaldson, a pastor and former General Director of the Baptist Union of Scotland, has been nominated to be the new EBF General Secretary. After more than 15 years of faithful service, Tony Peck will retire from the role at the end of October.

Alan brings a depth of experience that stretches from Russia to Scotland with a passion for mission work, creativity, and warm relationship building. It was an honor to serve on a search committee that brought together leaders from 10 counties in a prayerful process. I look forward to the final decision of the EBF Council and ministering alongside Alan in the days ahead.

Please join me in prayer for God's blessings upon Alan, Tony, and the ministry of EBF.
A Prayer to the King of Kings

Our Father in heaven,
you are the God of gods, the King of kings.

We ask you to bless our governments,
our leaders, our elders
and all those who are in powerful positions.

Give them a heart which abides by your will
so they no longer favour injustice,
but act for the well-being of all,
in all things.

Give us all humble hearts
so that we have good things,
right actions,
and your blessing forever for our country.

Bless the activities of the farmer, the fisherman,
the businesswoman, the artist, and all other workers.

After the dry season, send us the blessed rain
and favour us with a plentiful harvest
so that we may glorify you.

Have pity on the poor, the soldiers, the sick.

Help those who are alone
and console those who are devastated.

Support pregnant women and mothers.
Help the widows and widowers.
Be father and mother to all orphans.

God, bless your word for Christians,
and for non-believers,
so that they may be assured
and lean on you
to obtain forgiveness for their sins
and become your children.

O Lord, have pity on us.
You are the God of mercy.

You are the strength, the glory, the honour and the holiness,
forever and ever.

(© 2005 Josephine Sanvee, Togo)