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Hard at work
Many of you have been driving by and seen the progress of the building from the outside, New Years Eve is your chance to get a jump on all your friends and see what we have been up to on the inside.

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Dear friends,

It's been a long year, lots of changes and lots of effort but we are finally close to reaching our goal.
We would like to officially let everyone know that we are opening on New Years Eve!

I hope you are all as excited as we are about it, hope to see you there.

Robert Castoro
Pre-opening Preview

NYE ticket
If you would like to see the restaurant before everyone else, try Chef Enriques food, or just sample a few of our signature cocktails, then you should join us for our Pre-opening Preview party.

Tickets are $50 a person and include one drink and any of the pass appetizers that will be being passed around.

If you would like to purchase one, or many, please call us at the restaurant at 338-5000.

Lets make this a New Years to remember!

Tickets go on sale Monday through Saturday 10 am to 4 pm starting Friday the 10th.

Gift Cards
Gift Card
If you would like to purchase a gift card as a thank you for a friend or just a great stocking stuffer they are available for sale now. They work for anything on the entire menu, never expire and never loose their funds. To purchase one you can call the restaurant at 338-5000.