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Top-Notch Barcode Reading for Rugged Environments
Manufacturing environments in automotive, medical device, electronics, aerospace, and product security industries require rugged, high performing, and easy to use barcode reading technology to ensure top component traceability and productivity. DataMan 8700 series handheld barcode readers decode the toughest direct part mark (DPM) and label-based codes while withstanding harsh oils, dirt, and water. A built-in display screen enables quick setup and operator feedback, and the readers support a broad range of industrial protocols and communications to connect and operate efficiently in any facility.
  • Robust oil and water resistant housing
  • Premium read performance in milliseconds
  • OLED display screen makes setup easy
  • Supports more communication options
Now Your Robot Can Perform Complex Tasks Previously Too Difficult for Strict Rules-Based Programming
Symbio’s fastening solution uses machine learning to independently optimize process steps and reduce cycle time requirements. Whereas other fastening solutions use open-loop control to direct robots to static location points, Symbio creates more robust systems in which robots use force-torque sensors to adapt to variances in real-time, and problem solve. The Symbio system further minimizes cycle time by learning the optimum operational parameters over multiple repetitions. This results in a more robust, flexible, and efficient solution.
Yet Another Solution for Pairing with MiR AMRs
An innovative and timely pairing with MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots) is this UV CF module, designed for disinfection and infection prevention. The MiR moves autonomously, maximizing the solution's efficiency by 99.99%. The UV emission crosses the walls of bacterial, viral and spore cells, neutralizing them and preventing their reproduction. Just another great thing MiR is capable of!
  • Autonomous disinfection
  • Decreases the risk of contagion
  • Reduces infection rates
  • Reduced cleaning time
  • Safe for employees 
What is Web HMI?
The Proface STW6000 Web HMI is a display unit that uses a Web browser to act as a Web client to visualize internal contents of PLCs and other devices. The STW6000 easily displays HTML5 information on-site, a luxury body brought to life by HMI specialists for use on simple machines, a product that meets maintenance, durability, and industrial-level needs.
Employee Spotlight-
Meet Jared
Jared Miller is now local engineering support for the Birmingham, AL area!
He was an Automation Engineer at our Marietta, GA office, and recently moved to Birmingham with the new title of Project Engineer.