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Barefoot Connections Conference 2013 

June 2013
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Barefoot Connections Conference 2013
Conference Outline

The Juice:

Following the phenomenal success of the World's first ever Barefoot Conference last year, we are holding Barefoot Connections 2013 this June at the beautiful Denbie's Vineyard, set in amongst trails of Surrey Hills!

With the option to attend one or both days, everyone's hopes and desires should be catered for! 

We are looking forward to seeing you there! 

the Primal Team 


Barefoot Connections Conference 
22nd- 23rd June 2013 

After a slightly more lecture-oriented 2012 event at the Natural History Museum, Barefoot Connections 2013 is angled to be far more applied, practical & interactive. 
We have many different experts from varying disciplines and each with a wealth of experience to offer you. The format for the 2 days is: 
Saturday 22nd June: Presentation-led lecture style, with afternoon workshops 

Sunday 23rd June: Workshops on barefoot running, barefoot conditioning and barefoot parkour, plus an optional 10K Trail Event - a race for those who fancy it, a trot for those who prefer, or a run-walk combo for those who would rather take in the views, terrains & their textures! 

See more detail below

Sunday 23rd evening will conclude with the official UK Luna Sandal Launch under the light of the full moon...  (Should you wish to stay that late!) 
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 Conference Outline

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd June 2013 




08:30 Registration 
09:00 Opening Address: Matt Wallden 
09:10 Stacey Lei Krauss: The willPower Method� and the dawn of Foot Fitness
With the emergence of minimimal shoes and the growing barefoot trend, the fitness industry must wake up to the dawn of a new fitness category: Foot Fitness.

09:40 Joe Warne, PhD Research, elite runner: Barefoot running - efficacy for performance and injury prevention. A view from the literature

10:10 Barefoot Ted: The Luna Story

10:40 Coffee 

11:00 Izzy Moore, PhD Researcher: The Pursuit of improved running performance: The influence of cushioning and proprioception

12:00 Bathroom break 

12:20 Helen Hall: "Just let it"- the beautiful game of accessing pre- programmed biomechanics for great running

12:50 Lunch

14:00 Dr Mark Cucazzella via Skype: Deconstruction - the bare essentials to safely run bare and minimal 

15:00 Matt Wallden: Just Done It: primal running - what we know about how we should be 

15:30 Coffee 

16:00 Break- out session:


Stacey lei Krauss:
willPower: a practical introduction
Joe Warne:
10 simple steps to effective transition

 16:45 Presenters Forum

 17:30 Finish


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08:30 Registration



Indoor Session
Outdoor Session
09:00 Stacey Lei Krauss:
willPower & grace�: a full-body, cardio
conditioning barefoot workout  
Helen Hall: 
"Just let it"- playing the beautiful game
& getting that great running feeling"
10:00 Coffee
10:30 Team Kinetix:
A beginners guide to Parkour
Gray Caws: 
An introduction to Chi Running
11:30 Dean Amasinger: 
Use of minimalist footwear in S&C 
for MMA
Barefoot Ted: 
The Solowheel & Ted's Top Tips for the 
ultra athlete 


 12:30 Lunch

 13:30 VFF 2013 range features &  

 demonstration (optional)



 14:00 10K Trail Event (walkers start)                Stacey Lei Krauss 

 14:15 10K Trail Event (casual runners start)   willPower & grace�  

 14:30 10K Trail Event (racers start!) 


 Note: In addition to Stacey Lei Krauss' session, there is also the option of a parallel

 Vineyard Tour during the 10K Trail Event.


 15:45 Coffee

 16:15 Presenters forum: Q&A from the day 

 17:00 Closing Address & Special Announcement


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Our Guest Speakers: 

Dr Mark Cucazzella: Founder of the Natural Running Centre, Barefoot runner, blogger & thought leader
Helen Hall: The world's 1st Barefoot Iron woman, co-creator of Barefoot Audio, Barefoot Ultra-Athlete & Coach 
Stacey Lei Krauss: Creator of willPower & grace� barefoot training system, Advisor to Vibram USA
Gray Caws: Chi Running Instructor & Minimalist Runner 
(Barefoot) Ted McDonald: Barefoot Ultra Athlete, Founder of Luna Sandals, Star of best selling book Born To Run 
Joe Warne: PhD Researcher, Published author & Elite 1500m athlete. 
Izzy Moore: PhD Researcher, Published author. 
Matt Wallden: Founder of Primal Lifestyle, CHEK Faculty, Editor Rehab Section JBMT, Osteopath & Naturopath. 



Don't tell everyone... but we'll have the new 2013 Vibram Fivefingers available... and at a secret "delegate rate"! 


All in all, Barefoot Connections 2013 promises to be a fitting and exciting step up from the original 2012 Barefoot Connections; who'd have thought that could even be possible?!!

If you don't believe us, look at a handful of the feedback comments from last year:

Thank you to Matt for the amazing presenter line up and to you for the support organising  


Thanks Matt for putting together an awe inspiring collection of brilliant minds!


Absolutely superb conference today. Amazing atmosphere, great presentations from positive people and funky footwear!

Wow ! What a day ! Thank you and please say happy birthday to barefoot ted for tomorrow, sunday.  


I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you all so much for the conference today.  It really was an amazing day, we all left feeling so inspired by the speakers we saw and the people we met there.  The positive vibe could be felt from the moment we arrived to the moment we left and everyone was so open minded and receptive!  I do hope there will be many more days like this to come.


Amazing day yesterday at the Vibram Fivefingers Barefoot Connections Conference. Great talks from Paul Chek and Matt Wallden. Also great to be in a room with so many people who's goal is improving the health of the world.

Firstly, a huge thank you to Matt and everyone who organised and presented at the conference. I found it immensely useful and have taken lots away with me to integrate into my training and teaching...  The main point of the day I will take away with me is that in 10 years time everyone will be running this way and looking back and laughing at the 'fashion' of running shoes. Also that I need to become a C.H.E.K practitioner! Thanks everyone.


Matt, thank you so very much for organising such a fab conference. It was so informative, and well presented. I thought your particular presentation was going to go way over my head, but actually I loved it & reminded me of how much I need to slow down. The kids & I are going to spend this week being present and feeling more space-like, I hope.


What a fantastic day at the barefoot running conference. I ran with Barefoot Ted star of Born to run and had lunch with Paul Chek- extraordinary intelligent man & Matt Wallden. All thanks to Matt Wallden owner of primal lifestyle without whom we would be a lot less functional....


Had an inspiring day listening to all who spoke at the Barefoot Conference, but special thanks have to go to Paul Chek for continuing to amaze, inspire and challenge me to learn and continue my journey. Huge thanks to Matthew Wallden and the Primal Team for organising all!

Great conference Matt! Looking forward to next year.


Anyone who wasn't there I highly recommend buying the DVD!!  


I was and I'll probably buy the DVD anyway :)


On the way home from London after a great day at Barefoot Connections Conference.


Having attended the fantastic Barefoot Connections Convention I wanted to say thanks for an inspiring and educational day! Also I'm interested in pursuing the C.H.E.K. practitioner approach and would appreciate any guidance on the best route in.  I currently work as a fitness instructor/personal trainer and this approach sounds like exactly what I've been looking for - to gain the education/skillset to match my enthusiasm would be perfect!!  Thanks again for such an amazing event!   


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