Bargaining Update 8/14/20 
Yesterday, the KEA and KSD Bargaining teams met again to exchange proposals.  The District came with two, while KEA came prepared with several.  The following was accomplished:
1)     We scheduled four additional sessions next week, including a few hours on Sunday. 
2)     We assessed the small agreements that we have reached. 
3)    We provided a list of all the items that the district needs to respond to in our next session(s). 
4)     We then took some time as a team to prepare and bargain for KSD this Sunday. 
Reopening Remotely
The latest update from KSD is that they are going to allow teachers into the buildings next week.  The standard will be that teachers can enter buildings for up to four hours each day.  The principals will be notifying staff of the times and protocols for entering the buildings. There is no requirement to go into buildings.  If staff members need more than four hours at a time, they can arrange more time with their principal.  If a KEA member is not assigned to a building, they should speak to their immediate supervisor about accessing their workspace.   
Student Calendar 
In addition, the new student starting date is officially September 3rd.  The end date is still being negotiated by the labor unions.  Teachers will begin their principal-directed time on August 24 and 25.  Teachers will still have a floating day beginning this Monday which must be completed by September 3.  There will be five days of additional required, paid training scheduled between the 26th and the 3rd 
As always, respond to this email with any questions.  We thank you for all of your supportive comments and the continued support of the Bargaining Support Team who brought us coffee early Thursday to keep us going!