Bargain Update

Just as a leopard can't change its spots, so too the Kent School District administration. In a totally unacceptable counter proposal offered at today's bargaining meeting, KSD's lead negotiator, hired gun Buzz Porter, began the session with warm words about the honor in our profession, the respect the District has for our work, and that KSD believes we should be paid accordingly. But, just as we have become accustomed to hyperbolic platitudes, he then laid down a proposal that would lock us into a meager 3.1% salary increase - FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS! That won't even keep up with inflation at a time other WEA locals are negotiating pay raises of over 20%.
Normally, we wouldn't share detailed proposals in a bargaining session, but this is no different than anything the district administration has said all along.
They may claim to respect us, but they don't want to pay us like they respect us. We need to make sure the Kent School Board knows how we feel.  It is CRITICAL that we have a huge turnout at the KSD Board Meeting TONIGHT! Please join us.  While we know many have left due to the mismanagement and manipulations of KSD leadership, we would be grateful for any of you who ARE leaving to share the reasoning behind your decision. What caused you to get out after so many years in Kent? While we completely understand why a teacher might leave, we would be grateful for your help tonight.
No matter what happens, KEA members will stay united and fight for a fair contract. And we will continue to focus on making sure Kent students get the best possible education!

See you tonight!

Your KEA Bargain Team