Today, the KEA Bargaining Team spent the afternoon discussing the new OSPI guidelines that were sent to districts last night.  As you may be aware, OSPI has directed districts to begin the process for providing instruction to our students by March 30.  Unfortunately, both federal and state guidelines do not address the equity issues regarding the access for all students during this school closure. 
The KEA team put forth a proposal that addressed member internet and cellular data access, the deployment of technology, books, and learning materials to students, privacy of personal email and phone number access, required PD, and staff meetings.  We also provided proposals on pay and benefits including:  PEE, EDL, compensation, employee leave, and insurance benefits. 
We expect to hear from the district regarding KEA's proposal soon since the expectation is to have instruction in place by Monday, March 30.  Please feel free to contact us at with specific concerns or questions. 
Once we have an agreement, we will share that with you.  Until then, stay safe and healthy.