September 15, 2017
As we expected, the State appointed negotiations Mediator released FTA and FUSD to fact-finding yesterday. FTA is eager to work with FUSD to set the fact-finding hearing date/s as soon as possible. Once fact-finding concludes, and we receive the Fact-Finder's report, and IF we still fail to reach a fair and balanced agreement, Educators can legally strike. FTA will continue to exhaust all statutory negotiations mandates prior to a potential strike.
The stakes are high-74,000 students, and thousands of parents and community members are depending on 4,000 educators to take another step towards truly transforming education in OUR district. Our decision, our Strike Vote, on October 3 rd will set the direction of our profession and district for years to come. You can RSVP by responding to this email and saying "I'll be there."
Parents are also organizing in support of our efforts. We are hosting FTA membership meetings at schools sites and inviting parents to attend. At one school site this week, we had over 40 parents join our membership meeting with less than 24 hours' notice. If you want to help, please let us know.

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The  FTA rep. council voted to authorize the executive board to call for a strike vote of the general membership. So what does that mean? FTA President Tish Rice explains.
Interested in learning about retirement? We have some informational cal STRS workshops coming up this month email to sign up!

Sept 19 @Fresno High in Senate Room
Sept 20 @Sunnyside High in theatre

AC not working in your classroom?
Here are some steps to help:
Notify the office manager or Plant Coordinator (PC) to check the controls to make sure they are on and functioning.
There's a slider in the classroom that can be moved to bring temp down 3 degrees.
If that doesn't work, then the site needs to call Energy Management who'll call the HVAC guys to go out and service.  
Below is Jason's contact info from Maintenance and Ops. 
559 457 - 3045

Have you moved? Do you have a new phone number or email? 

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