Bargaining Update:  August 28, 2018

NCETA members present: Irma Sanchez (Bargaining Chair - Palmer Way), Veronica Contreras (Lincoln Acres/Ira Harbison), Molly Sterner (Rancho de la Nación), Antonio Rosas (Olivewood), Helen Farias (CTA Staff)

NSD members present: Leticia Hernandez (Director of Human Resources), Chris Carson (Assistant Superintendent of Business Services), Leticia Segura (Principal, John Otis),  Kathy Melanese (Principal, Rancho de la Nación), Beverly Hayes (Director of Educational Services) Jordan Bilbeisi (Attorney, Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost).

NSD proposals:
Article 15 Salaries: NSD and NCETA continue to work on a salary restructure focusing on the middle cells that also addresses an overall increase for ALL members. No formal proposals were passed.

Article 19 Special Education: NSD proposed a $250 a year stipend for Special Education Teachers to work on IEPs, testing, meetings, and progress reports to address workload concerns. NSD proposed when a general education classroom exceeds 40% of IEP students, support such as specialized training may be given.

Article 24 Support Personal: NSD countered with taking out language that ensured that caseloads and workloads for Support Personnel will be equitably distributed.

NCETA proposals:
Article 4: Organizational Security and Association Rights- agreed with District to change language to meet CA laws and regulations.

Article 6: Hours of Employment- proposal included no cuts to our 12 occasion days and to make grade level collaboration Thursdays permanent contract language .

Article 8: Leaves- Tentative Agreement Reached. NCETA withdrew Maternity leave proposal.

Article 19: Special Education- NCETA proposed special education and RSP teachers be given 6 hours per month to work on testing and IEPs.

Article 24: Support Personnel- NCETA proposed that caseloads and workloads for support personnel be equitably distributed. NCETA proposed that Enrichment teachers be given the ability to select their own representative for their leadership team.

Thank you for your continued support,
Your NCETA Bargaining Team

Our Next Bargaining Date is September 11, 2018

Wear red on unity Tuesdays and bargaining days