July 10, 2020

Bargaining Update 
The bargaining teams met again this week on Monday and on Thursday for a total of seven hours. We spent ti me discussing some counter proposals around employee safety and will continue these discussions in future sessions. KEA also presented their proposals regarding class size and caseloads.  These two issues are paramount; especially under these pandemic conditions. Next week, both parties will make sure that all topics have been introduced . We now have sessions scheduled every Tuesday and Thur sday through the end of July .  
KEA has received several calls and emails regarding the serious concerns s urrounding the reopening of ou r schools.   Unfortunately, with increasing COVID-19 cases, it has become even more uncertain , and OSPI is now stating that they will be issuing a template for reopening next week after letting districts try to come up with plans on their own for the last month.    
We continue to hear directly from members about concerns about in-person reopening. Concerns for student health, concerns for your health, and concerns for the health of family back at home who may be exposed as a result of reopening. We know there are plenty of concerns about reopening with remote learning as well, but the concerns about health are a top priority. The health and safety of the learning conditions will continue to be top priority because those are also your working conditions.
Please take a few minutes and give us your input on reopening schools . The district may be putting forth a survey as well, but we want to know how you are feeling right now , in the middle of July, about returning to the school building during a pandemic.  
We appreciate all of your thoughts and feedback so feel free to continue emailing, but please take a moment to take this survey.
The KEA Bargaining Team

Lisa Brackin - Chair
Christie Padilla
Tim Martin
Zack Stockdale
Glenn Dacus
Layla Jones
Billie Ryan-Howard
Alan Sutliff