Bargaining Update:  Good News and Bad News
Your KSD Bargaining Team met with the District today where they were greeted by hundreds of members who turned out for a rousing show of support, which was much appreciated by the team. "We are only as strong as our membership and we are gratified by the how many of you turned out decked in red.  It was a great show of support," said KEA President Christie Padilla.
As we sat down at the bargaining table, the District presented a proposal that would have raised our salaries by just more than the 3.1% cap that lead negotiator Buzz Porter insisted was the upper limit. While this capitulation proves our point that that 3.1% number is a mythical cap, the District is still low-balling us. KEA countered with a proposal that would have given our membership the raise we deserve while attempting to get closer to a deal, but the District rejected it out of hand.
So where does that leave us?  The KEA Bargaining Team has agreed to more bargaining sessions before the start of school where we can hopefully forge a competitive contract.  At this point, given the District's failure to provide an adequate proposal, they have indicated that they would like to call in a mediator. As your representatives, and in the interest of getting a deal done on behalf of our students and our community, KEA will join in the request for a mediator to come in. While we do not believe a mediator is necessary, we are committed to finalizing a fair contract as soon as possible. If a mediator can help, great. But be assured today and for always, we will not settle on a contract that isn't competitive with neighboring districts and we will not settle on a contract that doesn't compensate our members as the professional educators we are.
Please attend the General Membership Meeting:
Tuesday, August 14, 1-2:30
Meridian Middle School- 23480 120th Ave SE

Christie Padilla