The Barking Bulldog  

October 27, 2017
Snow White's Adventures
You can still see Snow White at the Beck Center in Lakewood
Friday and Saturday
at 7:30
Sunday at 3:00
Textbooks and Materials
Saint Bernadette students have signed the state mandated Form SF-200 for the Textbooks Materials and Equipment Materials Pupil/Parent Loan forms for the 2017-18 school year. These state required forms reminds your children that textbooks, workbooks, technology and all school materials are owned by the Westlake Board of Education and/or Saint Bernadette school and your child (and you as the parent) are responsible for payment is any materials are damaged or lost. Registering your child at Saint Bernadette automatically makes you responsible for these fees only if materials are lost or damaged. This is just a reminder to our students to care for and respect their textbooks and supplies.
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