The Barking Bulldog  

October 30, 2017
Halloween Dress Down
In celebration of Halloween, students are invited to dress down tomorrow.
Dress-Down Day
A Dress-down Day is a non-uniform day. Appropriate attire must be worn. Blue jeans and sweatpants must be in good repair. Knit pants such as leggings may be worn with a dress or tunic over them. Shorts may be worn in August, September, May and June. Shorts and dresses must be fingertip length. Any questions about length of shorts will be addressed by administration. Shirts may bear no negative advertisements. No tank tops, muscle shirts, midriff shirts, sleeveless shirts, etc. are permitted. 

Congratulations to Miss Ashdown's second grade class. They reached their reading stamina goal of 20 minutes. Way to go second grade!
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