November 2020
Dear Barlina House Families:
October was a busy month. We started with our first field trip to The Nature Center. It was great being outside and exploring Nature. The children had a great time. Thanks for bringing them to the Nature Center. It was nice doing something different. We also enjoyed our Halloween celebrations and seeing all the children in their costumes.

Just a reminder about lightning. If lightning occurs around drop off or pick up, a sign will be outside indicating that lightening has occurred. You will need to escort your child in or out of Barlina House. A thirty minute indoor safety period is required. Thank you for your understanding.

We had a few changes to our staff at Barlina House. Mrs. Nicol, has moved to sunny Florida. It is very sad to see her go, but we know she will always be thinking of us. Maybe we can all visit her. We wish her and her family the best. We added a new teacher. Her name is Ms. Sherry. She will be with Mrs. Donna on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When you see her, please welcome her to our family.

During these first few months of preschool, the teachers have been observing and collecting data on the children’s developmental skills. Progress reports will be sent home in the month of December. The skills we are evaluating include social/emotional, comprehension, communication, pre-math, readiness and large and small motor. We do not have formal conferences, but if you would like to discuss any concerns about your child, we are here to help. Please let us know what you need, you can call anytime.

I hope everyone is enjoying all the pictures we are posting the Barlina House Facebook page. We try to show all the fun and exciting things we do at Barlina. The children love to have their pictures taken.

There is one change at school. DCFS has notified us that we are now able to provide a snack at school. We will be asking the families to supply snack as of November 2. You will be receiving a flyer asking to bring snack on a certain week. The flyer will offer suggestions of what to bring and the number of children in the class. If you have questions, please call us.

We will continue to have outdoor play time (weather permitting), so please be sure to send your child with the proper outerwear, hats and gloves. Outdoor play is purposefully included in our day to help develop motor skills, cooperation, socialization and fresh air. With the challenges of dressing for our climate during the winter months, self-help skills are also learned. Exploring the outdoor environment also encourages curiosity about the world around us.
Donna Maccrindle, Barlina House Director

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