October 2020
Dear Barlina House Families:
October is going to be a busy month! We will start with our field trip to The Nature Center/Veteran Acres and end with our Halloween celebrations. Our first day off of school is Monday, October 12th. You will be receiving a flyer explaining our field trip shortly.
We are introducing a new alphabet experience at Barlina. We will all be using a new curriculum when teaching the alphabet. It is a multi-sensory approach to understanding letters and sounds.

I would like to do a virtual tour of our school. Our Marketing Department is currently working out the details. I will let you know when it is available, so you can see what is happening at Barlina. Also, if you search Barlina Preschool and “like us” you will see pictures of the children having fun at school. I would like to do a “Zoom” call to all parents so you could see your child learning and having fun. It would be around 9:30 am until 9:45 am. I would appreciate if you can let me know if this time is convenient. Just send me a text or email. My cell is 815-333-6356.

Each class will be sending a book home called, “All About Me”. The book will have pictures of all the kids in their class. Please read the book with your child and send it back the next class time. You will receive the sanitized book in a plastic bag.
I hope you will enjoy seeing the class. The children are all doing fantastic. Arrival and dismissal are working great. Thank you all for working with us as we learn everyone’s car/license plates.

Just a reminder, if your child will not be in school, please e-mail me or call. My contact information is dmaccrindle@crystallakeparks.org or 815-477-5403. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you again for allowing us to be part of your children’s life.
Donna Maccrindle, Barlina House Director
We are sharing pictures of classroom activities, field trips and special visitors.

Plus, get updates on Park District programs and events that are just for our preschool age students.

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