Carole Barnes

Ocean Blue
Acrylic on Paper Mounted on Canvas
12" x 12" 
Carole Barnes
Boulder, CO

I am intrigued by antiquity, the pleasure of ruins with their eroded markings and symbols of ancient times. My paintings reflect this interest in the sacred of civilizations past. Over the years, my process has changed, evolving in its time from planned realistic watercolor paintings into an intuitive, layered approach. 

Using acrylic on paper, I apply paint, lifting, scratching or writing into it. I create textures, shapes and surfaces until a mystery or reverence connects with me. The symbols become a mysterious language melded with color, buried and then emerging to the surface again. With this process, I explore, experiment and search for the essence that moves me. My goal is to capture the sense of a time or place and to do a painting with a spirit of its own.

                                                                                          - Carole D. Barnes