April 2019
Case Studies Series Published
Congratulations to Jean Anne Zollars PT, DPT, MA, BI-D for publishing a case study series entitled VM and NM in Children with Cerebral Palsy and Chronic Constipation: Five Case Reports.
This article reveals case studies and assessments of improvements in the quality of life, function, and colonic motility before and after visceral and neural manipulation in five children with cerebral palsy and chronic constipation who had Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) levels of IV and V.
TA Bennie McClung, LPN congratulates BI instructor, Jean Anne Zollars PT, DPT, MA, BI-D for her published article.

BI UK Celebrates
100th Seminar and
10 Year Anniversary!
Alison Harvey and Scott Russell's son, Evan celebrates BI UK.
We are pleased to announce a new Barral Institute workshop! Developed by Gail Wetzler, PT, DPT, EDO,
BI-Diplomate, Clinical Interventions: Concussion Recovery; Barral Manual Therapy (CI-CRBMT), this workshop will train you to identify how specific manual therapy can enhance treatment outcomes for post-concussive injuries and their related symptoms.
Gail Wetzler
PT, DPT, EDO, BI-Diplomate
First VM1 Class in India!
January 2019, Bangalore, India
  • Instructor: Rita Benamore, DO, BI-D, CST-D
  • Sponsor: Dr. G.K. Balaji Chandigarh

BI Symposium Brazil 2019 (BISB)

BISB 2019 will bring together Barral Institute students and professors, as well as professionals and academics interested in the therapeutic approaches developed by Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, MRO(F), RPT.
There will be three informative days of workshops and lectures, and invaluable opportunities to connect with colleagues and teachers, and enjoy fellowship with the Barral Institute community.

Look for:
  • Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, MRO(F), RPT (France)
  • Kerry D'Ambrogio, DOM, AP, PT. DO-MPT (USA)
  • Mark Bloemberg, PT, CST-D, BI-D (Netherlands)
  • Eric Marlien, PT, DO, BI-D( France)
  • Rita Benamor, DO, BI-D, CST-D (Portugal)
  • Pierre Vey, DO, BI-D (France)
  • Kaare Nielsen,PT, DO (Denmark)
  • Dawn Langnes Shear (USA)
  • Juliane Marafon, PT (Brazil)
Barral Satellite News
Upcoming Barral Courses

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Classes Taught by Curriculum Developer Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, MRO (F), RPT; Alain Croibier, DO or Olivier Bazin, DO

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New Products!
Visceral Mobility Pocket Guide
This must-have tool is a comprehensive collection of anatomical drawings depicting the mobility patterns of healthy organs. Explanations include illustrations and supporting text.
$39.95 | Item Code: PG-VMOB

Visceral Motility Pocket Guide
This-must-have tool is a comprehensive collection of anatomical drawings depicting the motility patterns of healthy organs. Directional arrows indicate motility movement as observed by Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, MRO(F), RPT.

$39.95 | Item Code: PG-VMOT
It's All in your Gut: Let Your Second Brain Guide You to Optimal Health
This book explores the intimate relationship between gut health and emotional health and provides the reader with refreshing and inspiring insights into the extraordinary world of our gut.
$19.85 | Item Code: IAIYG
Understanding Your Organs Trifold Reference Chart
This trifold reference chart highlights a complete spectrum of information about the internal organs as only Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, MRO(F), RPT can, including the physical, nutritional and physiological care of each one. *Also available in Spanish.

$24.95 | Item Code: MC-UYO
Methodologies for Effectively Assessing Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): Research Tools and Techniques

This trifold reference chart highlights a complete spectrum of information about the internal organs as only Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, MRO(F), RPT can, including the physical, nutritional and physiological care of each one. *Also available in Spanish.

$65.00 | Item Code: MEACAM
Clinical Kit; Visceral Manipulation
Includes new Pocket Guides!
Boost your ability to utilize VM with: Visceral Mobility and Motility Pocket Guides, Visceral Connective Tissue Support System Pocket Guide, Understanding Your Organs Wall Chart, and 100 Discover VM brochures.

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Congratulations & Appreciation!
New Teacher Qualifications
Strategic Crossroads of the Body 1 (SCB1) and Clinical Applications for Disc Disorders; Soft Tissue Applications (BICADD)

Mark Bloemberg, PT, CST-D, BI-D
Zwanenburg, Netherlands
Listening Techniques 1: An Integrative Approach to Evaluation (LT1), Neuromeningeal Manipulation: An Integrative Approach to Trauma (NM1)
and Peripheral Nerve Manipulation; Upper Body (NM2)

Matias Fernando Chahab, DO, BI-D
Saló, Italy
Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen 1 (VM1)

Juliane Marafon, PT, CVPT
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen 2 (VM2)

Lorrie A. Harper, MSPT, CVTP
Eden, UT
New Manual Articular Approach - Upper Extremity (MAUE), New Manual Articular Approach - Lower Extremity (MALE) and New Manual Articular Approach - Spine & Pelvis (MASP)

Lisa Brady Grant, DC, BI-D
Wilson, WY
Recent Conventions
APTA Student Conclave
February 16, 2019 | Miami, Florida
The APTA Student Conclave was held recently in Miami, Florida. In attendance was Meredith Taggart, LMT, RN who performed demonstrations at BI booth.
Upcoming Conventions
April 11-14, 2019 | Phoenix, AZ

Trisha Becker, PT, DPT, OCS, LMT
Lymphatic Balancing: Manual Lymphatic
Drainage for the Orthopedic Patient
April 12-14, 2019 | Tarrytown, NY

Mariann Sisco, PT, CST-D
CST for Concussion & Traumatic Brain Injuries

Tami Goldstein, WLMT, BCTMB, CST-D
CST for Autism (CSMB-A)

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People are Talking!

Read what people are saying about Barral Institute and Barral techniques:
"The class is phenomenal and each year they break new boundaries of ways of exposing specific structures relevant to Jean-Pierre’s work.  This year was no different with exposing clearly the nerve roots of the lumbar plexus, the connection with the dura, and the orientation from not only the anterior aspect but also posterior with a prone presentation. This had not been done this way before and was so valuable to see."
- Rosie Greene, RM, BI-D, New Zealand

From Instagram:
People do not come to see us because of dysfunction of their internal organs. They come to see us because of the RESULTS of dysfunction/restriction of internal organs. A patient with back stiffness, pain in thigh and back came to me for treatment. Her body spoke to me, “left kidney.” After treatment, patient felt the “gentle touch” was much different than bone cracking or muscle stretching. Yet, the low back was supple right after treatment. Patient felt she had more solid walking gait and she was surprised by the change her body felt through gentle touch, and it was not about muscles, herniated disk, or spinal joint problems.”
- Ka Pik Ivy Mok, PT, CST-T
VM6 in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
September '18 with instructor Dee Ahern.
Recent Class Photos