March 2020
Spring is almost here meaning we're heading into the last stretch for many of our current NDMTSS trainings, but our team is eagerly planning for the 10th Annual NDMTSS Conference, a website redesign, and the 2020-21 calendar!

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Upcoming NDMTSS trainings/events
Barrier Busting: Implementation Structured Support Day
*FREE for teams who have previously attended Building Your System.

May 1, 2020 | 8:30 am - 3:30 pm
One of the greatest barriers with NDMTSS implementation is time for leadership team problem solving and action planning

The purpose of this session is to provide leadership teams the time to:

  • Revisit the work schools have been engaging in.
  • Assess current reality and identify obstacles for improvement.
  • Receive assistance with n ext steps from consultants and other schools.

Presenter: Shannon Harken
Shannon works as an RtI/MTSS Professional Learning and Leadership Consultant (PLLC) for Heartland AEA 11.

Based on her experiences, teaching background, and knowledge from experts in the field, Harken has spent the last 15+ years co-authoring and training MTSS modules in the areas of consensus building, infrastructure development, and implementation to coaches and numerous school-based teams across the country.

NDMTSS Calendar Preview
We are working on next year's calendar NOW to ensure you are able to plan ahead!
10th Annual NDMTSS Conference
  • June 8-10 @ Fargo Holiday Inn

Building Your System
  • Fall 2020 after ESSA Schools are announced

Prevent-Teach-Reinforce (PTR) Foundations
  • Nov. 23-24, 2020 | Fargo

Reading Mastery & Corrective Reading
  • July 27-29

  • Fall 2020

Tough Kids: Responding to Challenging Behaviors
  • Jan/Feb 2021

More to come...
Participant Feedback
"I enjoyed Shannon showing some of the different assessment tools so you have an idea of what it looks like and showing us a couple of videos so we could see the assessment in practice."

"Excellent - can't wait to get back and tell others and implement what was discussed into my room."

"Shannon has provided us with a huge library of resources to use. It will come to great use when sharing documents with staff."

Foundations of Reading Participants
"The format that Wayne uses to present provides LOTS of useful information, coupled with an environment for us to collaborate. I never feel like it is a sit-n-git type of experience in the MTSS sessions we've attended. Data Review day was no different!"

"Thank you again. We are moving in the right direction. Out of all the "initiatives" we take on, this process has the most opportunity to significantly change what we do for student learning."

Data Review Day Participants
"This was probably the best session (they are all good) yet! We really got a chance to play with our data, see where we are at, and figure out what we need to do next... all with guidance. It felt very personalized even though there were multiple groups present. Being able to highlight our data and crunch some numbers gave us a bit of validation that we are on the right track this year and where we need to go next. I am very confident that we will continue to effectively implement and build on our pathway for reading. Math is going to be a piece of cake!"

Evaluating Your System Participants
"This has been a wonderful experience the past two years. I have learned a great deal that will help our students find more academic success. We have seen amazing growth so far in just one year. I look forward to even more success for our students as they transition into junior high, high school, and into the real world."

"This day was amazing in that we were given time to work on our data and review it with expertise around to help with any questions."

Developing Academic Pathways and Evaluating Your System Participants
NDMTSS Interactive Map
The legend is located at the bottom of the screen which will allow you to match the color marker to the training.
Interactive NDMTSS Map in beginning stages.
If you're interested to see who has been involved in 2019-2020 NDMTSS professional learning opportunities - here is something we've been working on.

An interactive map can provide a way to connect alike districts, share resources, raise awareness, show program impact, and more.

What you see here is a simple starting point, but we will continue researching to find the best solution to grow this idea.
NDMTSS Website Revamp Feedback
NDMTSS Website Educator Input
We are revamping our website and wanted to provide you the opportunity to give us feedback and insight on what the website could and should do for you.

This quick 5 minute survey will allow us to understand who is or isn't currently using the site and what needs to be included to make it useful for YOU!

Every person completing the survey by March 31 will be put into a drawing for a chance to win a FREE DAY at the NDMTSS Conference, June 8-10 - valued at over $100.

10th Annual NDMTSS Conference
June 8-10, 2020 @ Fargo Holiday Inn
Ideas? Suggestions?

To be able to deliver the most impact through our conference setup, sessions, and speakers, we want to hear from you.

What do you need?
Where can we provide more support?

The more details you can provide us, the better insight we have when building a schedule to meet all educators in ND where they are.

Please take a moment, click on the button below and give us some feedback. THANK YOU!
Room Block Available for Reservations

A block of rooms has been reserved for Conference attendees with the state rate. Rooms will be held until May 7, 2020.

Will we see you there!?
Holiday Inn, Fargo

06/08/20 8:30am - 06/10/20 4:00pm

It's our 10th Annual Conference - can you believe it!? We're working hard to put together the best set of sessions & presenters out there.
I'll be there!
Wish I could be there.
Cheryl Hoggarth
South East Education Cooperative
Lyndsi Engstrom
Central Regional Education Association