Barriers Can Be Beautiful!

A jali or jaali is a perforated latticed screen often with a calligraphic or geometric pattern. Most common in Hindu temple architecture, it is also seen in Indo-Islamic and Islamic Architecture.

A jaali's natural perforations manage to cut down the direct sun and thereby heat. It also provides for the movement of air, allowing a cross breeze and ventilation. 

Jaalis let illumination through, not affecting the intensity of light but instead reducing the glare. Line of sight is optimized, while privacy is still maintained. 
Not only does it work for light, sun, and view, it also works to cool environments naturally – when wind passes through a smaller aperture, its velocity increases, which can result in a cooling effect. 

Jaalis have been used for centuries to accomplish the same goals designers are faced with when complying with COVID regulations today. Jaalis offers aesthetic centric environmental management, meeting requirements of privacy and security in place of unsightly opaque barriers. 

We have an exceptional supply of jaalis and have fashioned custom installations for many of our top clients. Please call or visit us anytime. We would be delighted to meet your needs

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