September 19, 2021
Barrington 220 Safety Week Sept. 20-24
Barrington 220's Third Annual Safety Week kicks off on Monday, Sept. 20. During a crisis situation, it is important for our district stakeholders to work together and we want to make sure we’re providing our community members with the appropriate information to facilitate that. Throughout the week, all schools will participate in safety drills that are mandated by the State of Illinois, including fire drills, tornado drills, lockdown drills and bus evacuation drills. In addition, each day students will view a short video that has a "Safety 220 Tip of the Day". Each tip corresponds with a safety theme for that day of the week. The topics for each day include:

  • MONDAY, Sept. 20: Welcome to Safety Week

  • TUESDAY, Sept. 21: Weather Emergencies (tornado drill)

  • WEDNESDAY, Sept. 22: Run, Hide, Fight (lockdown drill)

  • THURSDAY, Sept. 23: School Evacuations (fire drill)

  • FRIDAY, Sept. 24: Transportation Safety (bus evacuation drill)

To view this week's welcome message from Austin Johnson, Barrington 220's Director of Safety and Security, please click the video link below: