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Barry Law Firm Moves to Tysons Corner
Barry Law has moved to Tyson's Corner, Virginia.  Our new offices, at 1751 Pinnacle Drive, Suite 600 McLean, VA  is in an exciting and fast moving high tech space, surrounded by movers and shakers in the world of technology.  What better place for your favorite technical law firm?  

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Barry Tech Law is known for exacting and rapid client service, from quickly returning emails, to producing successful, quality outcomes in a rapid timeframe. Just ask our clients.  Our practice is about technology.  Technology lies at the core of every one of our practice areas.  Understanding the interrelationship between computer and Internet technology and areas such as contracting, compliance, intellectual property, and even general corporate law,  is essential to providing the correct legal advice to our clients. . Find out more.
Barry Law Firm's Story
Does your lawyer speak tech?

Mikki Barry went to Georgetown University Law Center in 1988 because she and her husband were launching a company that wrote applications on the little known Macintosh computer, so that it could connect to that then unknown entity called the "Internet."  Mikki had learned about this communications medium in 1982, marveling that she could send an email from Harvard to MIT.  However, she felt that it would be important to actually have a "plan B" if this Internet thing didn't become popular.

At Georgetown, Mikki studied as much technology law as possible, and became the Editor in Chief of the Georgetown Journal of Law and Technology.  In 1991, JOLT was discontinued because "there really isn't much need for a technology journal."  Luckily, that type of thinking was not universal, and the small software company, InterCon Systems, became the market leader, holding 85% of the market, and employing 85 people.  Mikki went to work there as its General Counsel.  By 1995, with the growing popularity of the World Wide Web, larger players were moving into that space, and InterCon was sold to one of them.

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