Barry Primary Newsletter
February 1, 2020
2/17 Presidents Day, District Offices Closed
2/17-2/21 Winter Recess, No School for Students
3/12 Half Day for Students
3/13 No School for Staff and Students
3/16 No School for Staff and Students
Message From the Principal
We are excited to announce our 1st grade concert will be taking place on March 23 and 26th. It was originally scheduled for February 14th. A letter with all of the details will be backpacked home on Monday February 3rd. We look forward to the concert and hope to see you there!
Family Engagement Survey
Recently letters were sent sharing information about the district's  Family Engagement Survey.   We hope you received the information about our continuing school improvement efforts and will take a few minutes to share your feedback by completing the 25 question survey. Surveys provide information which we use in the decision making and planning processes as we begin to prepare for the upcoming school year.
The survey will be open through  February 28, 2020The responses to the survey are anonymous and very important.   Please take ten to fifteen minutes and share your ideas, experiences and feedback! We want to hear from you!
 **Paper copies of the survey are also available at your child(ren)'s school. If you prefer to complete the survey on paper, please ask for a copy from the building office.
Kindergarten News
How would you define a living thing vs. a non-living thing? Mrs. McMahon’s and Mrs. Woodard’s class used their best scientific skills to define a living thing. As you can see in the picture we had to revisit and revise over a few days. In the end, a living thing needs air, water, and food to grow and change.
First Grade News
Students in Mrs. Canestaro and Miss Beeman’s class, as well as in Miss Post’s class have started their Soundproofing Engineering Design Project as an extension to “How to Send a Message Using Sound.” Students began by researching what a soundproof room is and how they work as far as being able to insulate and absorb sound waves, instead of letting sound waves continue to reflect around. Students then got to apply their new knowledge by designing their own soundproof boxes! We researched materials and structures that would be the most effective, and then we used ordinary materials in an attempt to mirror design plans we had seen and learned about. Bubble wrap, egg cartons, foam noodles, carpet padding, creativity, and a whole lot of glue can result in some great looking soundproof boxes! We will eventually be testing these boxes and then give the students a chance to make improvements on their box.
Second Grade News
Second Grade has been learning about how erosion affects the earth. They used sand as a model for the soil and tested wind and water erosion to see what happens. They also used different models- such as cotton balls for sand bags, toothpicks for grass, a sponge for tree roots, and a tongue depressor for a retaining wall- to see which object stopped or slowed down the erosion. They had lots of fun pouring water on their sand trays and seeing the effects erosion has !
Peanut Butter and Jelly Drive
Barry Primary School has been collecting Peanut Butter & Jelly jars for Kiwanis of Cortland in order to help stock the local food pantries over the February break. Some of the 2nd grade classrooms have been working to help make sure we make our goal of collecting 300 jars before Feb. 3rd. The 2nd graders have made posters, passed out flyers, and asked for support on our morning announcements. In the first 2 weeks, we collected over 200 jars. If you have already donated any jars of peanut butter, almond butter, sun butter, jelly, fluff, honey, etc., thank you very much for helping our community. If you have not donated, it’s never too late! We will be collecting until Feb. 3rd at Barry or you can contact Kiwanis of Cortland ( Kiwanis Club of Cortland, PO Box 541, Cortland, NY 13045, (607) 756-2964 ). Check out the video Mrs. Ryan's class made below!
Chit Chat Challenge
Research shows that having conversations with our kids helps to support the development of communication and social skills. Each month I will include a few ideas to use as conversation starters. The idea is to ask questions that continue a conversation, rather than produce a “yes” or “no” response.
This month’s Chit Chat Challenge:
  • Did you talk to anyone new today? What did you talk about?
  • Did anything happen today that you wish would happen everyday?
Students Decorate Coffee Sleeves
As part of National "Inspire Your Heart with Art" day which was January 31st,
Mrs. Scalza’s second grade class decorated coffee sleeves with messages of hope, love, and happiness. The sleeves were provided by Coffee Mania and then given to customers on January 31.
Book Fair at Barry Primary Library
The book fair is scheduled from January 28th to February 6th. During this time the library will have books on display for purchase. Shopping can even be done online by clicking this link ! Every book purchased from this book fair earns rewards for our school, so please stop by!
News from the Nurse
We would like to remind of the following:
  • If your child has a fever today they should not be in school tomorrow.
  • If you have to give them Tylenol or Motrin for a fever today, they should stay home from school tomorrow.
  • If you have to give them Tylenol or Motrin in the morning to "get them through the day," they should not go to school tomorrow.
  • If your child has vomiting and/or diarrhea today, they should not be at school tomorrow.
  • Flu season is rampant. Please do not send your sick child that may be still recovering from illness to school.
Now Hiring Bus Drivers
You can work in an exciting and rewarding atmosphere and be part of the #WeAreCortland team! Make sure to check our  website   for up to date information on job postings.
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