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November 1, 2020
We have made it to November! Where has the time gone? Wednesday November 11th, 2020 is Veterans Day which means NO school for students and staff. Our PTA will be meeting virtually on November 18th, 2020 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM. We will be having a Spirit Week November 16th, 2020 through November 20th, 2020! Monday 11/16 - Favorite Color Day. Tuesday 11/17 - Gratitude Day/Tootle Tuesday. Wednesday 11/18 - Wacky Wednesday. Thursday 11/19 - Hat Day. Friday 11/20 - Barry Primary Spirit Day (wear your PTA tiger shirt). Don't forget, Thanksgiving Recess is November 26th, 2020 through November 27th, 2020. We hope our Barry Primary families have a wonderful holiday!
Message From the Principal
Friendly reminders:

Interim reports go home to all students on Monday November 2nd.

Parent drop off is between 8:30 and 9:00 AM

Parent Pick up is between 3:00 and 3:30 PM

November PTA meeting is virtual on November 18 @ 6:30. A link will be sent in an email that week.

Attendance: It is required for us to provide direct instruction each day to each student. Even remote learners must be in face to face instruction through technology. Please work to have your child follow the schedule that is laid out for them by their teacher.
Spring Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer Food Benefits Still Being Distributed

All Cortland Enlarged City School District students are eligible to receive a payment as a result of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act of 2020. Each student will receive $420 total for the months of March 2020 through June 2020 for the months when schools were required throughout the state to go to all distance learning. The funds will be provided on a new or existing EBT card that can be used like a bank debit card to purchase food from participating stores. Students with existing EBT benefits should have already received these benefits via their EBT card. Students who do not currently receive EBT benefits should continue checking their mail for their EBT card. P-EBT benefits are not limited by immigration status and public charge rules do NOT apply. 
We recently learned that the payments are still being issued, even though it was expected that you would have received this benefit from the spring by now. All students are eligible because all Cortland students receive breakfast and lunch due to Community Eligibility, Pandemic-Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) food benefits will be issued automatically to all Cortland students. 

If you have questions about P-EBT food benefits, please email or call the P-EBT Food Benefits Helpline at 1-833-452-0096.

Learn more:

Kindergartner News
Kindergarten students are currently learning all about weather. They have discussed temperature, precipitation, and wind. They also know the name of the tools used to measure those things. Do YOU know what they are? You could ask a Barry primary Kindergartener. They are becoming regular old meteorologists! They will finish this unit of study learning about the best protection from weather and the characteristics of the seasons.  
The Kindergarten teachers would like to thank all of you at home for your help and support with the remote learning for our kiddos. Please know that we appreciate all the parents, guardians, grandparents and others who work to keep the kindergarten children on their live meetings and help them to complete all their assignments. Thank you! 
First Grade News
First Graders have been learning about the Human Body in Listening and Learning. Along with all the systems that work to make our body run smoothly, we also learned about ways to stay healthy! We took time to illustrate plates of food filled with nutritious choices to keep our body strong and well! Students loved taking the time to illustrate yummy choices, and it sure made us all hungry!!
Second Grade News
In 2nd grade, we recently completed both our first math and our first ELA units. For math we worked on sums and differences to 20. By the end of the year our goal is to be able to solve addition and subtraction problems within 20, quickly. Please practice addition and subtraction facts often at home. Then we applied those skills to add one-digit to two-digit numbers through 100 using our understanding of place value. Of course, we also worked on solving addition and subtraction word problems. Our first ELA reader was called The Cat Bandit. The stories were about the adventures of a very hungry, clever cat and the ways he gets food items that seem to be out of his reach. For example, in one chapter the Cat Bandit made a simple catapult (with a log, plank and some rocks) to get some chips on the top of the fridge. Ask your favorite 2nd grader about the Cat Bandit and his many adventures. Hopefully, the Cat Bandit didn’t teach any of our students any ingenious tricks to use at home! 

Attendance is Important!
The title says it all! Attendance is important whether it be for In-Person or Remote learning. Students should be on time for school and for logging on remotely. If your student is going to be late or needs to be dismissed early, send in a note, call the main office, or call the nurse. There are many options to make sure your student's attendance is taken care o Absences add up quick!

News from the Nurse
All kindergarteners and 1st graders and any 2nd graders new to the Cortland School District, are required to have a physical examination. If your child has already had one within the last year, and you have sent a copy to the nurse, you are all set. If your child needs a physical, please make an appointment to get one, then have it faxed to the nurse at (607)-758-4159. You should have received a form regarding physicals, if you prefer a school physical, please check the box on the form and return it to the nurse or send a note saying they can have one in school. School physicals are scheduled every Wednesday afternoon. Any questions, feel free to call the nurse at (607)-758-4154.

  • Call the nurse's office if your child is going to be absent or tardy.
  • Send in a written note or Email me when your child returns.
  • Keep the nurse informed of any phone number changes or health concerns.
  • Check your child's hair daily for any signs of lice/nits.
  • Pack a change of clothes for unexpected accidents and spills.
  • If your child needs medication in school, get a Dr. order and bring in the medication.

Please note: All children who are sent home sick must have a COVID test and/or a doctor's note clearing them to return.

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