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Bartenders' Sweet Sixteen
Jack McGarry, Owner, Dead Rabbit, BlackTail, Best Bar In The World LLC  
The Bartenders' Sweet Sixteen is a questionnaire comprised of questions asked by Marcel Proust, Bernard Pivot, and James Lipton, with a few curve-balls thrown in by gaz regan
Jigger or free pour?
Jigger, ensures consistency
Favorite swear word? 
What's the one thing a guest can say or do at your bar that will really piss you off?
Anytime a guest becomes offensive to our staff, or other guests, they lose me right away. Whoever said the customer is always right needs a serious kick in the balls. I particularly don't like political talk in the bar. It immediately alienates 50% of the room. The bar is the third place. A place of refuge. I expect our staff and clientele to respect that at all times.
What other profession would you like to attempt?
A professional marathoner.
What profession would you not like to attempt? health inspector.
What is your most distinguishing characteristic? Well, I'm a full blown addict so I'd say that. It's my biggest pro and con. I'm dogged, laser focused and obsessive. I pay attention to everything but at times it feels more like a curse with not being able to switch off but I'm able to better manage it now.
Where would you like to live?  
My goal is to have a place in Upstate New York or rural NJ with plenty of space to have a family. That will happen in the next few years.
Dry Shake or Reverse Dry Shake?  
Just shake the fucking thing with ice please.
Who are your fictional heroes and or heroines? Deadpool and Beatrix Kiddo. I love anyone with an egde.
Who are your real life heroes and heroines?  
Eluid Kipchoge (ran a 2.00.25 marathon) and Katherine Johnson (Hidden Figures -
Who is your favorite painter?  
Terry Bradley from Ireland. He did our Rabbit piece in the bar and I love the vulnerability, darkness in his work.
Who is your favorite singer or group?  
I go through phases with artists and album due to my nature. I'm really digging Hozier at the minute and his new record.
What quality do you most admire in a man?  
For me, respect underpins everything. Respect of others, respect of opinions and respect of ones self.
What quality do you most admire in a woman?  
Same as above.
If you were reincarnated as some other plant or animal, what would it be?  
A meerkat. They're loyal and active.
If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?  
Ireland has been reunited.

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