Bartending Class: Vodka
Thursday, July 19th | 6pm
$25++ per person | River Room
Join us on Thursday, July 19th at 6pm (5:30pm if you want to enjoy one of your drinks before class) for the next lesson of our Bartending Class Series: Vodka!
During class we will learn about:

History of Vodka
Vodka Characteristics
Most Popular Vodka Brands

Purple Haze
Black Russian
Moscow Mule
Lemon Drop Martini
Long Island Iced Tea

The Class includes two call drinks. (Drinks are categorized as well, or house, call, premium and super premium or top shelf. Examples of call drinks are Jack Daniels, Grey Goose, Kettle One, Tanqueray, Bacardi and Patron. See, you are learning things already, imagine what you will learn if you come to the class!)

-Tyson Cronmiller
River Landing Clubhouse Manager

Space is limited so sign up today!
For more information or questions, please contact Tyson Cronmiller at